The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), a centre of the University of Sydney, located in the University of Sydney Business School, is a renowned international centre of thought leadership in the crucially linked areas of transport, infrastructure, logistics and supply chain management. We focus on providing impartial, evidence based research on these key facets of Australia’s economic competitiveness, environmental prosperity and social wellbeing, with a view to informing the management and policy directions of industry and government.

Established as a University Centre in 1991 and recognised as an Australian Key Centre of Excellence of Teaching and Research in Transport Management since 1995 (in collaboration with the Institute of Transport Studies at Monash University) and with a partner institute, ITLS Africa at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa (established 2008), we hold the Australian government’s highest possible rating (ERA 5) for a research institute – well above world standards.

ITLS is home to some of Australia’s, and the world’s, leading academics in transportation, logistics and supply chain management. We enjoy frequent visits from internationally renowned scholars and practitioners who teach in the graduate programs and work on collaborative research projects. In addition to a strong industry program (including bus and coach operator accreditation) and executive courses, we offer a fully integrated and articulated coursework and research program for graduates and non-graduates with industry experience. Our alumni serve in senior management and advisory positions within Australia and internationally for prestigious organisations, and as senior executives in national and state governments.

ITLS enjoys a high level of research success both in terms of winning highly competitive grant and contract funding from government and industry and in its influence on policy and practice by the dissemination of research outcomes through: publication in prestige international journals and an extensive working paper series; presentations and workshops at global conferences; active engagement with industry and government; and through a highly successful leadership and policy seminar series which draws speakers of renown from around the world to talk about their latest cutting edge research and attracts audiences from academia, industry and government. ITLS has extensive links to leading transport, logistics and supply chain institutes around the world and in Australia including quality partnerships that have been forged with government and industry.

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Recent Submissions

  • MaaS Bundle Design 

    Reck, Daniel J.; Hensher, David A.; Ho, Chinh Q. (2020-03)
    Mobility service bundling has received a lot of attention from researchers and practitioners due to its centrality to Mobility as a Service (MaaS) business models and potential to foster sustainable travel behavior. Stated ...
  • A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for a Green Two-Echelon Capacitated Location Routing Problem 

    Wang, Mentong; Bell, Michael G H; Miao, Lixin (2020-03)
    In this paper, we present a new green two-echelon capacitated location routing problem (G-2E-CLRP), which aims to determine simultaneous decisions on locating satellites and routing electric vehicles for city logistics ...
  • Towards a Framework for Mobility-as-a-Service Policies 

    Smith, Göran; Hensher, David (2020-02)
    Public authorities are increasingly pursuing activities to pave the way for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). The range of activities includes regulation reforms, technology developments and investments in trials. Despite ...
  • Demand for travel information: what, when and how much is required by urban travellers 

    Tang, Li; Ho, Chinh Q.; Hensher, David; Zhang, Xuenjun (2020-02)
    Advanced Traveller Information Service (ATIS) systems play a critical role in travel planning; however, relatively little is known about people’s overall information needs in urban areas. This study aims to understand what ...
  • Understanding MaaS: Past, Present and Future 

    Hensher, David; Mulley, Corinne; Ho, Chinh; Nelson, John; Smith, Göran; Wong, Yale (2020-01)

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