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      accessibility [1]
      accessibility value [1]
      Accessibility; transport planning; indicators; public transport [1]
      advanced traveller information service (ATIS), information needs, scale, stated preference survey, ordered probit model [1]
      Advertising, Electronic Word-of-Mouth, Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM), Intention to visit, Trust, Interest [1]
      Agglomeration Elasticity, Transport, Wider Economic Benefits, Urban Productivity, China [1]
      Aging populations [1]
      air freight, network, Chinese airlines, international cargo flow [1]
      air transport; liberalization; Central Asia; Belt and Road [1]
      Aircraft noise; GIS; population tracking [1]
      Airline choice, stated choice experiment, willingness to pay, attribute processing strategy [1]
      Airline choice, stated choice experiments, information search, survey realism, online travel agent [1]
      Airline choice; stated choice experiment; information processing strategies; and survey realism [1]
      Airline Security [1]
      Airport activities [1]
      Airport capacity choice; Capacity investment; Real option; Demand uncertainty [1]
      Airport Capacity; Airport-airline Vertical Arrangement; Demand Uncertainty Keywords [1]
      Airport terminal organisation; air freight; belly-hold freight ground operations; supply chains [1]
      Ambiguity attitude, travel time uncertainty, subjective probability, source preference, socio-economic status, nonlinear mixed logit [1]
      ANN models, incident detection model, freeway automatic incident detection (AID) systems, artificial neural networks, data collection, TCCC record, validation of ANN, performance envelopes. [1]