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1480RB Add.Ms. 357-
1493RB Add.Ms. 379 Deane-
1500RB Add.Ms. 327-
1526RB Add.Ms. 380 Deane-
1535RB Add.Ms. 358-
BookOfHours1547ZodiacManColour.tif.jpg1547Book of HoursCatholic Church
CelsusDeremedica1566.tif.jpg1566De re medica libri octo; Q. Sereni medicinale poema; Rhemni poema de pond. & mensuris; cum adnotationibus & correctionibus R. Constantini.Celsus, Aulus Cornelius
1580RB Add.Ms. 349-
1599RB Add.Ms. 378 Deane-
1600RB Add.Ms. 373-
1600RB Add.Ms. 374-
1600RB Add.Ms. 376 Deane-
BarroughMethod1624.tif.jpg1624The method of physick : containing the causes, signes, and cures of inward diseases in mans body from the head to the foote: whereunto is added the forme and rule of making remedies and medicines, which our physitions commonly use at this day, with the proportion, quantity, and names of each medicine, by Philip Barrough.Barrough, Philip
1642RB Add.Ms. 377 Deane-
BoyleCertain1669.tif.jpg1669Certain physiological essays and other tracts; written at distant times, and on several occasions. By the Honourable Robert Boyle. The 2d ed. Wherein some of the tracts are enlarged by experiments, and the work is increased by the addition of a discourse about the absolute rest in bodies.Boyle, Robert
1675RB Add.Ms. 351-
CookeMarrow1685pl1.tif.jpg1685Mellificivm chirvrgiæ, or, The marrow of chirurgery : an anatomical treatise, institutions of physick, with Hippocrates's aphorisms largely commented upon, the marrow of physick shewing the causes, signs and cures of most diseases incident to humane bodies; choice experienced receits for the cure of several distempers ... illustrated in its several parts with twelve brass cuts. 4th ed.Cooke, James
1700RB Add.Ms. 367-
BoerhaaveViribus1720.tif.jpg1720Tractatus de viribus medicamentorumBoerhaave, Herman
BoerhaaveAphorisms1724.tif.jpg1724Boerhaave's aphorisms: concerning the knowledge and cure of diseases. Translated from the last edition printed in Latin at Leyden, 1722. With useful observations and explanations.Boerhaave, Herman