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    • Age-related Cataract: Incidence, Modifiable Risk Factors and Gene-Environment Interplay 

      Tan-Koay, Ava Grace (University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine and Health, 12-12-19)
      Abstract Age-related cataract is the leading cause of blindness and visual impairment worldwide in older adults. Although risk factors for cataract have been suggested, the aetiologies of different types of cataract, ...
    • Marginalising Health Information: Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement for Alcohol Labelling 

      O’Brien, Paula (University of Sydney, 201-07-27)
      In 2010, the World Health Organization published the Global Alcohol Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol, with one of its recommendations being the ‘labelling [of] alcoholic beverages to indicate… the harm related ...
    • A large conjugative Acinetobacter baumannii plasmid carrying the sul2 sulphonamide and strAB streptomycin resistance genes 

      Hamidian, Mohammad; Ambrose, Stephanie; Hall, Ruth (Elsevier, 216-11)
      Acinetobacter baumannii is an important nosocomial pathogen that often complicates treatment because of its high level of resistance to antibiotics. Though plasmids can potentially introduce various genes into bacterial ...
    • RB Add.Ms. 339 

      Unknown author (1075)
      This leaf from the Office of the Dead begins with the last two lessons and the final responsory 'Libera me domine de viis inferni' for Matins followed by Lauds and Vespers. Collects relating the crucifixion of Christ to ...
    • Florilegium 

      Unknown author ([between 1100 and 1200], 1100)
      Anthology of quotations from Cicero, Seneca, Apuleius, Macrobius and later Christian authors.Manuscript written on vellum in littera prae-gothica textualis. Sinclair 100. Ownership: Frater Lawrence; Sir Charles Nicholson.
    • RB Add.Ms. 40 

      Orthodox Eastern Church. (1199)
      Variant title:"Codex Angus". Provenance: Greek Church in Bulgaria; Professor Diessman, Berlin University, 1935; Professor Samuel Angus, St. Andrew's College, University of Sydney.
    • Antiphonal Augustinian 

      Unknown author (1457)
      This is an antiphonal for the day offices copied for Augustinian use. It is decorated with seventeen illuminations which were individually cut out from earlier manuscripts of various origin and pasted in. In addition to ...
    • [Antiphonarium : a collection of 30 leaves from an antiphonal] 

      Unknown author (1480)
      A collection of 30 leaves from an antiphonal. [Spain? ; ca. 1480]Title supplied by cataloguer. Six staves per page. The staves are in red ink with square musical notes and the text in black. Decorated initials in red and ...
    • Spanish Antiphonal 

      Unknown author (1493)
      Responses and antiphons 25th April-29th August. 174 vellum leaves numbered 1-346, misnumbered at leaves 270 and 317 but continuous (numbering probably post dates the manuscript). The colophon leaf translates as: 'The ...
    • [Officium de septem dolorium Hebdomade] 

      Unknown author ([Spain], [publisher not identified], [between 1500-1599], 1500)
      A manuscript on paper with 12 lines per page. To p. 168 it is by the same hand. The last gathering of 10 leaves is from an older manuscript, also on paper, with 16 lines per page. Bound with old oak boards with metal bosses ...
    • RB Add.Ms. 327 

      Unknown author (1500)
      Text comprises settings of the Sanctus and Agnus Dei, including 6 pages of polyphonic notation (leaves 25? to 27?, a setting of the Patrem omnipotentem factorem celi) and the offices from Christmas Day to Epiphany, the ...
    • Processional and responsorial. 

      Unknown author (1525)
      This is a comprehensive Processional includes the processions for the Sundays throughout the liturgical year and for special feast days and Rogation days. Technical details indicates as one of the most widely disseminated ...
    • Processional Cistercian 

      Unknown author (1525)
      This processional consists of three sections, in the first it has the characteristic of Cistercian processionals for brothers of an abbey, however the other two mention sisters and abbess, thus suggest this book was copied ...
    • [Processionarius ordinis] 

      Unknown author (1526)
      "Latin music manuscript for a monastery of the Hieronymites on vellum, complete. Written in Spain probably in or for Guadalupe (a municipality located in Las Villuercas comarca, province of Cáceres, Extremadura) in the ...
    • Processional (without musical notation), with prayers and responsories for the dead. 

      Unknown author (1530)
      Contents of the responsories focus on liturgical processions for the dead. The book is designed for personal use, with 8 lines per page, small in size and large in script, and without music notation. With its several Spanish ...
    • [Illuminated Spanish responsorial] 

      Unknown author (1535)
      [Spain, ca. 1535-1540] This responsorial contains a remarkable depiction of an American turkey, one of the earliest extant illustrations of American fauna to appear in Europe and certainly the earliest illustration of ...
    • Book of Hours 

      Catholic Church (Paris : Imprimees par Cardin Hamillon pour Magdaleine Boursette, 1547., 1547)
    • [Spanish antiphonal] 

      Unknown author (1575)
      Written in red and black on 18 leaves of vellum with rubricated initials, with a mid 16th century full calf binding with gilt rules and decorations. Light worming on last 2 leaves.
    • Gradual, proper of time, from the first Sunday of Advent to Passion Sunday 

      Unknown author (1580)
      Holograph, written on both sides of leaf. Mediaeval manuscript choirbook on vellum (ca. 53 x 36 cm.); executed ca. 1580 in Salamanca, Spain; massive binding of thick wooden boards covered with tanned leather, ruled in ...