Artificial neural networks; PM2.5 [1]
      Choice, attribute processing, efficient designs, joint decision making, willingness to pay [1]
      Combined SP and RP data, nested logit trick, scale parameters, error component mixed logit, reference dependence [1]
      Discrete-continuous system, multiple discreteness, Kuhn- Tucker demand systems, mixed discrete choice, random utility maximization [1]
      Evacuation planning, evacuation behaviour, dynamic traffic modelling [1]
      French transport policy, modal share, charging, car dominance, challenges for public transport [1]
      Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Passenger Transport, CO2, Tresis1.4, Systemwide Impacts, Strategic Prioritization, Variable User Charges, Carbon Tax, Congestion Charges [1]
      Injury severity, ordered-response model, pedestrian safety, bicyclist safety, non-motorized travel. [1]
      Operational outsourcing, strategic/transformational outsourcing, economic value added, enterprise value [1]
      Pedestrian exposure, GPS technology, PM2.5. [1]
      Population tracking, daytime population, population density, pollution exposure, emergency evacuation, aircraft noise [1]
      Process, outcome, attribute processing, choice experiments, reference points, willingness to pay, prospects. [1]
      Productivity, Malaysian ports, Data Envelopment Analysis [1]
      Stated choice, attribute endogeneity, agent interaction, true bargaining set [1]
      Supply chain; demand chain; operations response system. [1]
      Traveling salesman problem, vehicle routing problem, distance estimation, marginal cost, simulated experiments, case study. [1]
      Urban transport networks, corridors, accessibility, demand, institutional arrangements, freight, congestion pricing, AusLink [1]
      User charges, kilometre-based charges, congestion, freight distribution chains, choice modelling, willingness to pay [1]
      Value Delivery Systems; Tacit, Transactional and Transformational Interactions [1]
      Value networks; transformation interactions, exchange transaction interactions, communications interactions [1]