Recent Submissions

  • Understanding Work in Schools: The foundation for teaching and learning 

    McGrath-Champ, Susan; Wilson, Rachel; Stacey, Meghan; Fitzgerald, Scott (NSW Teachers Federation, 2018)
    This report presents the findings of a state wide questionnaire survey of teachers in NSW public schools in Term 1, 2018. The project was undertaken to follow up on an earlier qualitative, interview based survey, the ...
  • Teaching & Learning: Review of Workload 

    McGrath-Champ, Susan; Wilson, Rachel; Stacey, Meghan (The University of Sydney, 2017)
    This report presents findings of a workload study of teachers and school leaders in NSW public schools in 2017. The project was undertaken at the request of the NSW Teachers Federation arising from concerns expressed at ...
  • Special working arrangements to allow for care responsibilities in Australia: availability, usage and barriers 

    Temple, Jeromey; Dow, Briony; Baird, Marian (University of Melbourne, 2019-05-25)
    Background Population ageing is projected to reduce labour force growth and aggregate labour force participation, whilst increasing demand for informal carers. Increasing the labour force participation of Australians who ...
  • New Beginnings: Tackling the Problem of Lookism and the Role of Dress for Success 

    Black, Prudence; van den Broek, Diane (University of Sydney and Dress For Success, 2013)
    This report provides a brief commentary on the issue of lookism and the problems this may present for many women seeking employment both in Australia and overseas. It then presents research on the organisation Dress for ...
  • Australia’s International Business Survey: 2016 Report 

    Gray, Sidney; Li, W; Seno-Alday, S; Welch, C (Export Council of Australia, 2016)
    This report provides the results of Australia’s International Business Survey 2016. This latest report follows our surveys of Australia’s international businesses published in 2015 and 2014. The findings of this report are ...

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