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    • Afterword: Why Digital Inclusion Now? 

      Goggin, Gerard (2018-01-24)
      Two decades or so after the first wave of interest in digital divide, and over a decade since benchmark research, research, policy, and initiative continues. In the present scene, it is striking that the longstanding term ...
    • Alternative Histories of Social Media in Japan and China 

      McLelland, Mark; Yu, Haiqing; Goggin, Gerard (2016-11-15)
      The range, importance, and influence of aalternative histories of social media is vital, if we are to understand –– not misconstrue –– the contemporary dynamics of social media. In chapter, which draws on our earlier work ...
    • Analysing Finance and Production in the Contemporary Capitalist Era 

      Chester, Lynne; Newman, Susan (2014-09-15)
      There has been a dramatic restructuring of the global economy as the dictates of neoliberalism have reconfigured the contemporary capitalist system of accumulation which has involved a seismic shift from industrial to ...
    • Archipelago: a journey across Indonesia 

      Pearson, Natali (Taylor & Francis, 2017-04)
    • Australian journalism students' professional views and news consumption: Results from a representative study 

      Hanusch, Folker; Clifford, Katrina; Davies, Kayt; English, Peter; Fulton, Janet; Lindgren, Mia; O'Donnell, Penny; Price, Jenna; Richards, Ian; Zion, Lawrie (Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia, 2015-07)
      Journalism education's role in shaping students' professional views has been a topic of interest among scholars for the past decade in particular. Increasing numbers of studies are concerned with examining students' ...
    • Australian Journalists at Work: Their Views on Employment, Unionization, and Professional Identity 

      O'Donnell, Penny (Routledge, 2018)
      The aftermath of dramatic news industry restructuring in Australia, as elsewhere, has major implications for journalistic employment, professional identity, and other collective occupational structures, including unions. ...
    • Bearing the Burden of Corporate Restructuring: Job Loss and Precarious Employment in Canadian Journalism 

      Cohen, Nicole S.; Hunter, Andrea; O'Donnell, Penny (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2019-01-29)
      This article reports on job loss among Canadian journalists between 2012 and 2016. Building on Australian research on the aftermath of job loss in journalism, this article examines the experiences of 197 journalists who ...
    • Beyond newsrooms: Younger journalists talk about job loss and re-employment in Australian journalism 

      O'Donnell, Penny (Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA), 2017-12)
      This article examines the re-employment destinations of 10 younger journalists who lost newsroom jobs in the period 2012 to 2014, to understand the work options available in the current Australian labour market. With field ...
    • The Carte de Visite and Domestic Digital Photography 

      Burstow, Stephen (Photographies Taylor & Francis Group, 2016-09)
      This article reconsiders the carte de visite through an awareness of twenty-first century domestic digital photography. Employing recent scholarship, nineteenth century commentary and a study of 40 carte de visite albums, ...
    • Challenging Official Propaganda? Public Opinion Leaders on Sina Weibo. 

      Nip, Joyce Y. M.; Fu, King-wa (The China Quarterly, 2016-03)
      This article examines the prominence of various user categories as opinion leaders, defined as initiators, agenda setters or disseminators, in 29 corruption cases exposed on SinaWeibo. It finds that ordinary citizens ...
    • Data-driven Personalization of Student Learning Support in Higher Education 

      Liu, Danny; Bartimote-Aufflick, Kathryn; Pardo, Abelardo; Bridgeman, Adam (Springer, Cham, 2017-02-18)
      Despite the explosion of interest in big data in higher education and the ensuing rush for catch-all predictive algorithms, there has been relatively little focus on the pedagogical and pastoral contexts of learning. The ...
    • Digital Rights in Asia: Rethinking Regional and International Agenda 

      Goggin, Gerard; Ford, Michele; Martin, Fiona; Webb, Adele; Vromen, Ariadne; Weatherall, Kimberlee (2018-10-03)
      In this chapter we explore the appropriate conception and agenda for digital rights and associated governance in Asia. We do so from the perspective of an Australian location in the Asian region, and informed by ...
    • Digital Rights in Australia 

      Goggin, Gerard; Vromen, Ariadne; Weatherall, Kimberlee; Martin, Fiona; Adele, Webb; Sunman, Lucy; Bailo, Francesco (2017-11-22)
      Australians are some of the world’s greatest users of social media and mobile broadband, and our nation is in the top ten globally for internet use. At a time when our use of these technologies is increasingly redefining ...
    • Disability and Digital Inequalities: Rethinking Digital Divides with Disability Theory 

      Goggin, Gerard (2016-11-02)
      Disability has had a chequered career, when it comes to discussions, policies, and practices addressing digital divides and digital inequalities. Over time disability has become an acknowledged element in digital inequality ...
    • Disability and mobile Internet 

      Goggin, Gerard (University of Illinois at Chicago University Library., 2015-09-07)
      As the World Wide Web turns 25, it is an appropriate time to ask: where are we are now with disability and the Internet? A good place to look is in the burgeoning area of Internet and mobile technology. Accordingly, this ...
    • Disability, Global Popular Media, and Injustice in the Notorious Trial of Oscar Pistorius 

      Ellis, Katie; Goggin, Gerard (2015-08-06)
      The South African sporting celebrity Oscar Pistorius has long been a subject of fascination for what his rise to fame tells us about disability and society. His trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in ...
    • Disability, Locative Media, and Complex Ubiquity 

      Ellis, Katie; Goggin, Gerard (2015-04-14)
      The current phase of network societies has generated an intensification of pervasive, ubiquitous digital technologies and cultures of uses, with emergent, complex social functions, and politics. In this chapter, we explore ...
    • Discourse Genres 

      Frow, John (Julius Groos Verlag, 1980)
      The article argues that language is organised semantically at the level of discourse, in particular through the discourse genres that organise all aspects of language use
    • Dynamic Visualization (2017) Animation of #adani + #carmichael showing hub accounts in Australian Twitter discourse. 

      Hobbs, Mitchell John; Sun, Chao (2019-06-25)
      This study provides an investigation of a suspected astroturfing campaign concerning the Adani Carmichael coal mine first identified by BuzzFeed in 2017. It asks three related research questions. RQ1: Can digital research ...