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    • Discourse Genres 

      Frow, John (Julius Groos Verlag, 1980)
      The article argues that language is organised semantically at the level of discourse, in particular through the discourse genres that organise all aspects of language use
    • Melaleuka : a history and description of New South Wales pidgin. 

      Troy, Jakelin Fleur (Australian National University., 1994)
      This thesis is about the genesis and development of the first Pidgin English in Australia, called here New South Wales Pidgin. It presents a detailed analysis of the history of the language and a diachronic analysis of ...
    • Relational Clauses in English Technical Discourse: Patterns of Verb Choice 

      Harvey, Arlene (International Pragmatics Association (IPrA), 2001-12)
    • Silent Witnesses: The Evidence of Domestic Wares of the 13th-19th Centuries in Paphos, Cyprus, for Local Economy and Social Organisation 

      Gabrieli, Ruth Smadar (University of Sydney School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, 2006)
      The aim of the thesis is to identify long-term patterns in local economy and social processes at the site of Fabrika, using coarse ware, the pottery of food processing and storage, as an interpretative tool. I chose to ...
    • Exploring the second phase of public journalism 

      Nip, Joyce Y. M. (Taylor & Francis, 2007-02-17)
      This paper examines the new forms of audience participation in journalism with regard to their possibility in achieving the goals of public journalism.2 A typology of five models of audience connections is proposed: (1) ...
    • Psychodynamic Movement from Trauma to Mythos 

      Hueneke, Anna (ANZAP Books, 2008)
      This paper tells of a journey through the trauma system, made while working towards my doctorate The Psychodynamic Body: A Mythos of Psychotherapy. I found that each time a connection was made between traumatic material ...
    • Working Papers, Open Access and Cyber-Infrastructure in Classical Studies 

      Pritchard, David (Oxford University Press, 2008)
      Princeton–Stanford Working Papers in Classics is a web-based series of work-in-progress scripts by members of two leading departments of classics. It introduces the humanities to a new form of scholarly communication and ...
    • Information discovery in ambiguous zones of research 

      Sukovic, Suzana (The University of Illinois, 2008)
      Electronic environments for information discovery are considered in relation to open-ended and dynamic research practices in the humanities, but a system suitable for these scholars would have many other applications as ...
    • References to e-texts in academic publications 

      Sukovic, Suzana (Emerald, 2009)
      Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore roles of electronic texts (e-texts) in research enquiry in literary and historical studies, and to deepen the understanding of the nature of scholars’ engagement with ...
    • That's Gold! Thinking about excellence in Australian Journalism 

      O'Donnell, Penny (Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA), 2009-12)
      This paper reports on the first national study of the annual Walkley Awards for excellence in Australian journalism, the premier media prizes in this country. The research is designed to investigate the meaning of quality ...
    • Strategically creative: A case of the library planning process 

      Sukovic, Suzana (Journal of Organisational Transformation and Social Change, 2011)
      Best planning day ever, green, fun, play, flexible ... are terms not usually associated with strategic planning. At the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), plans to open a new library building in 2016 have ignited ...
    • A History of Aboriginal Sydney…digitally delivering the past to the present 

      Sukovic, Suzana; Read, Peter (ALIA Information Online 2011, 2011-02-01)
      For more than two centuries, the history of the Indigenous people of the Sydney region has remained locked away in archives, held within families, or obliterated by the dominant culture. Now, with community approval and ...
    • E-texts in research projects in the humanities 

      Sukovic, Suzana (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2011-03)
      This research paper explores the roles of electronic texts in research projects in the humanities and seeks to deepen the understanding of the nature of scholars’ engagement with e-texts. The study used qualitative methodology ...
    • Playing with the future: library engagement and change 

      Sukovic, Suzana; Litting, David; England, Ashley (Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 2011-06)
      Libraries, as authoritative custodians and providers of information, are facing a number of challenges as they are trying to adjust to the new information environment. Some challenges arise from major paradigm shifts in ...
    • Submission to the Parliament of Australia's Independent Inquiry into Media and Media Regulation 

      McKnight, David; O'Donnell, Penny (Parliament of Australia, 2011-11)
      This submission argues the newspaper business model is in crisis, putting downward pressure on revenues, and threatening the livelihood of Australia's workforce of professional journalists. Alongside the ABC, Australian ...
    • Precious, pure, uncivilised, vulnerable: infant embodiment in the popular media 

      Lupton, Deborah (2012-04-05)
      Despite recent interest in researching and theorising the sociocultural dimensions of human embodiment, the cultural representation of young children’s bodies, and particularly infants’ bodies, has received little academic ...
    • M-health and health promotion: the digital cyborg and surveillance society 

      Lupton, Deborah (2012-04-05)
      The new mobile wireless computer technologies and social media applications using Web 2.0 platforms have recently received attention from those working in health promotion as a promising new way of achieving their goals ...
    • Remembering Anne Dunn (1950 - 2012) 

      O'Donnell, Penny; Martin, Fiona; Dunn, Peter (Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA), 2012-07)
      When Ian Richards asked for a tribute to our extraordinary colleague, Anne Dunn, who passed away on July 1, 2012, after a long illness, it was hard to know where to begin. This is a very difficult farewell. Anne always ...
    • Infant embodiment and interembodiment 

      Lupton, Deborah (2013-05-06)
      This article brings together a range of research and scholarship from various disciplines which have investigated and theorised social and cultural aspects of infants’ bodies within the context of contemporary western ...
    • Embodiment 

      Frow, John (2013-05-06)
      A critical account of the category of embodiment (draft of a book chapter)