The 15th conference, marking 30 years since the inaugural conference was held in Thredbo (Australia), took place in Stockholm, Sweden. 220 delegates attended from 30 countries, across six continents. The conference series has a reputation for bringing academics together with practitioners in a series of intensive workshops to discuss the latest developments in competition and ownership in land passenger transport. 2017 marks the first year where the number of delegates was evenly split between academics on one hand and representatives from operators, regulators and consultants on the other. This was reflected in the rich discussions in each workshop which were reported back to the full conference. Other highlights included excellent plenary presentations from Mattias Landgren (State Secretary, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Sweden), Maria Kamargianni (Urban Transport and Energy Lab, UCL Energy Institute, London), and Iida Huhtanen (Finnish Ministry of Transport), and an engaging panel discussion on ‘Competition, cooperation and trust between actors in a deregulated transportation market’ with participants from the Swedish transportation sector.

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