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    • Anion receptor chemistry: Highlights from 2016 

      Gale, Philip A.; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Wu, Xin; Spooner, Michael J. (Elsevier, 2018-02)
      This review covers recent advances in anion receptor chemistry from 2016, including developments in self-assembly, sensing, anion separation, transport, catalysis and fundamental advances in anion recognition systems.
    • Dissecting the chloride–nitrate anion transport assay 

      Yang, Yufeng; Wu, Xin; Busschaert, Nathalie; Furuta, Hiroyuki; Gale, Philip A. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-07)
      A systematic study of chloride vs. nitrate selectivity across six anion transporters has revealed a good correlation between the selectivities of their anion binding and membrane transport properties. This work reveals ...
    • Fluorescent squaramides as anion receptors and transmembrane anion transporters 

      Bao, Xiaoping; Wu, Xin; Berry, Stuart N.; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Chang, Young-Tae; Gale, Philip A. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018-01)
      A series of squaramide-based anion transporters functionalised with the 1,8-naphthalimide fluorophore has been developed for improved ionophoric activity and fluorescent imaging in cells.
    • Fluorinated synthetic anion carriers: experimental and computational insights into transmembrane chloride transport 

      Spooner, Michael J.; Li, Hongyu; Marques, Igor; Costa, Pedro M.R.; Wu, Xin; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Busschaert, Nathalie; Moore, Stephen J.; Light, Mark E.; Sheppard, David N.; Gale, Philip A. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018)
      A series of fluorinated tripodal tris-thioureas function as highly active anion transporters across lipid bilayers and cell membranes. Here, we investigate their mechanism of action using anion transport assays in cells ...
    • Investigating the Influence of Steric Hindrance on Selective Anion Transport 

      Jowett, Laura A.; Ricci, Angela; Wu, Xin; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Gale, Philip A. (MDPI, 2019-04-02)
      A series of symmetrical and unsymmetrical alkyl tren based tris-thiourea anion transporters were synthesised and their anion binding and transport properties studied. Overall, increasing the steric bulk of the substituents ...
    • New Insights into the Anion Transport Selectivity and Mechanism of Tren-based Tris-(thio)ureas 

      Jowett, Laura A.; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Wu, Xin; Busschaert, Nathalie; Gale, Philip A. (Wiley VCH, 2018-06-19)
      The anion transport properties of a series of previously reported tren-based anionophores have been revisited using new assays designed to measure anion uniport. This study provides new insights into the transport ...
    • Tetraurea Macrocycles: Aggregation-Driven Binding of Chloride in Aqueous Solutions 

      Wu, Xin; Wang, Patrick; Turner, Peter; Lewis, William; Catal, Osman; Thomas, Donald S.; Gale, Philip A. (Cell Press, 2019-05-09)
      Artificial receptors that recognize anionic species via non-covalent interactions have a wide range of biomedical, industrial, and environmental applications. A major challenge in this area of research is to achieve ...
    • Voltage-Switchable HCl Transport Enabled by Lipid Headgroup–Transporter Interactions 

      Wu, Xin; Small, Jennifer R.; Cataldo, Alessio; Withecombe, Anne M.; Turner, Peter; Gale, Philip A. (Wiley-VCH, 2019-08-30)
      Synthetic anion transporters that facilitate transmembrane H+/Cl- symport (cotransport) have anti-cancer potential due to their ability to neutralize pH gradients and inhibit autophagy in cells. However, compared to the ...