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  • Empowering Teachers to Personalize Learning Support 

    Arthars, Natasha; Dollinger, Mollie; Vigentini, Lorenzo; Liu, Danny Yen-Ting; Kondo, Elsuida; King, Deborah M.
    Published 2019
    From its inception, learning analytics (LA) offered the potential to be a game changer for higher education. However, accounts of its widespread implementation, especially by teachers, within institutions are rare which ...
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  • A Comparative Analysis of Coordination, Participation, and Training in Post-Disaster Shelter Projects 

    Opdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy; Koschmann, Matthew
    Published 2018-11-01
    The delivery of post-disaster shelter assistance continues to be fraught with challenges derived from the coordination of resources, involvement of project stakeholders, and training of households and builders. There is a ...
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  • How tutors understand and engage with reflective practices 

    Bell, Amani; Mladenovic, Rosina
    Published 2013-01-01
    Interviews with six tutors revealed the ways in which they thought about reflection, and what forms of reflective practice were part of their teaching. The tutors saw a variety of benefits of reflection, including improving ...
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  • Building Community In Academic Settings: The Importance Of Flexibility In A Structured Mentoring Program 

    Ewing, Robyn; Freeman, Mark; Barrie, Simon; Bell, Amani; O'Connor, D; Waugh, F; Sykes, Chris
    Published 2008-01-01
    Academic mentoring is increasingly being used by many universities as a tool to enhance the quality of research-led teaching, promote cross-faculty collaboration and encourage a mentoring culture and community. This article ...
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  • Exploring tutors’ conceptions of excellent tutoring 

    Bell, Amani
    Published 2007-01-01
    With high numbers of new casual tutors in the Faculty of Economics and Business each semester, a program that addresses tutors’ preparation for teaching is essential. The tutor development program described here is underpinned ...
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