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  • Neural tube defects in four Shetland sheepdog puppies: clinical characterisation and computed tomography investigation 

    Thomas, Zoe M; Podadera, Juan M; Donahoe, Shannon L; Foo, Timothy SY; Weerakoon, Lakmini; Mazrier, Hamutal
    Published 2020
    Case report Here we report on the occurrence of neural tube defects in four related Shetland sheepdog puppies. Neural tube defects present as a range of congenital malformations affecting the spine, skull and associated ...
    Open Access
  • The effect of COVID19 pandemic restrictions on an urban rodent population. 

    Bedoya-Perez, Miguel A; Ward, Michael P; Loomes, Max; McGregor, Iain S; Crowther, Mathew S
    Published 2021
    Shortly after the enactment of restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19, various local government and public health authorities around the world reported an increased sighting of rats. Such reports have yet ...
  • The Origins of SARS-CoV-2: A Critical Review 

    Holmes, Edward C; Goldstein, Stephen A; Rasmussen, Angela L; Robertson, David L; Crits-Christoph, Alexander; Wertheim, Joel O; Anthony, Simon J; Barclay, Wendy S; Boni, Maciej F; Doherty, Peter C; Farrar, Jeremy; Geoghegan, Jemma L; Jiang, Xiaowei; Leibowitz, Julian L; Neil, Stuart J D; Skern, Tim; Weiss, Susan R; Worobey, Michael; Andersen, Kristian G; Garry, Robert F; Rambaut, Andrew
    Since the first reports of a novel SARS-like coronavirus in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, there has been intense interest in understanding how SARS-CoV-2 emerged in the human population. Recent debate has coalesced around ...
  • Professional practice changes in radiotherapy physics during the COVID-19 pandemic 

    Bertholet, Jenny; Aznar, Marianne C.; Garibaldi, Cristina; Thwaites, David; Gershkevitsh, Eduard; Thorwarth, Daniela; Verellen, Dirk; Heijmen, Ben; Hurkmans, Coen; Muren, Ludvig; Redalen, Kathrine Røe; Siebert, Frank-André; Schwarz, Marco; Van Elmpt, Wouter; Georg, Dietmar; Jornet, Nuria; Clark, Catharine H.
    Published 2021
    Background and purpose The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed changes in radiotherapy (RT) departments worldwide. Medical physicists (MPs) are key healthcare professionals in maintaining safe and effective RT. This study reports ...

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