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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015Scattering from Ionic LiquidsMurphy, Thomas; Atkin, Rob; Warr, Gregory
5-Oct-2016Kamlet-Taft Solvation Parameters of Solvate Ionic LiquidsDolan, Andrew; Sherman, Dylan; Atkin, Rob; Warr, Gregory
Jun-2019Prtaylenchus brachyurus - Pathogen of the Month June 2019Le, Khoa; Perrine-Walker, Francine
2018Increasing spin crossover cooperativity in 2D Hofmann-type materials with guest molecule removalZenere, Katrina A.; Duyker, Samuel G.; Trzop, Elzbieta; Collet, Eric; Chan, Bun; Doheny, Patrick W.; Kepert, Cameron J.; Neville, Suzanne M.
2018Continuous negative-to-positive tuning of thermal expansion achieved by controlled gas sorption in porous coordination frameworksAuckett, Josie E.; Barkhordarian, Arnold A.; Ogilvie, Stephen H.; Duyker, Samuel G.; Chevreau, Hubert; Peterson, Vanessa K.; Kepert, Cameron J.
Nov-2018Sclerotinia minor - Pathogen of the Month November 2018Perrine-Walker, Francine
Jan-2019Pratylenchus zeae- Pathogen of the Month January 2019Perrine-Walker, Francine; Stirling, Graham; Guest, David
Feb-2019Prtaylenchus coffeae- Pathogen of the Month February 2019Perrine-Walker, Francine; Dang, Le; Guest, David
2016Spontaneous Vesicle Formation in a Deep Eutectic SolventBryant, Saffron Jade; Atkin, Rob; Warr, Gregory
21-Feb-2017Effect of Protic Ionic Liquid Nanostructure on Phospholipid Vesicle FormationBryant, Saffron Jade; Wood, Kathleen; Atkin, Rob; Warr, Gregory
Apr-2019Colletotrichum graminicola- Pathogen of the Month April 2019Perrine-Walker, Francine; Anderson, Marilyn
Sep-2018Ceratobasidium theobromae- Pathogen of the Month September 2018Perrine-Walker, Francine; McMahon, Peter; Guest, David
11-Jul-2017Effect of Deep Eutectic Solvent Nanostructure on Phospholipid Bilayer PhasesBryant, Saffron Jade; Atkin, Rob; Warr, Gregory
13-Jun-2017Dichotomous well-defined nanostructure with weakly arranged ion packing explains the solvency of pyrrolidinium acetateJiang, Haihui Joy; Imberti, Silvia; Atkin, Rob; Warr, Gregory
19-Oct-2017Molecular Switches for any pH: A Systematic Study of the Versatile Coordination Behaviour of Cyclam ScorpionandsLau, Yu Heng; Clegg, Jack K; Price, Jason R; Macquart, Rene B; Todd, Matthew H; Rutledge, Peter J
2019CO2 Data Sydney Harbour Estuary 2013Tanner, Edwina
2019L-amino acids promote calcitonin release via a calcium-sensing receptor: Gq/11-mediated pathway in human C-cells: supplemental figuresConigrave, Arthur
16-Nov-2017Promises and Pitfalls of Metal Imaging in BiologyNew, Elizabeth J; Wimmer, Verena C; Hare, Dominic J
6-Nov-2018Very narrow coronal mass ejections producing solar energetic particlesBronarska, K.; Wheatland, Michael S.; Gopalswamy, N.; Michalek, G.
2016Leaf water stable isotopes and water transport outside the xylemBarbour, MM; Farquhar, GD; Buckley, TN
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 115
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