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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019CO2 Data Sydney Harbour Estuary 2013Tanner, Edwina
2019L-amino acids promote calcitonin release via a calcium-sensing receptor: Gq/11-mediated pathway in human C-cells: supplemental figuresConigrave, Arthur
16-Nov-2017Promises and Pitfalls of Metal Imaging in BiologyNew, Elizabeth J; Wimmer, Verena C; Hare, Dominic J
6-Nov-2018Very narrow coronal mass ejections producing solar energetic particlesBronarska, K.; Wheatland, Michael S.; Gopalswamy, N.; Michalek, G.
2016Leaf water stable isotopes and water transport outside the xylemBarbour, MM; Farquhar, GD; Buckley, TN
2016Leaf vein fraction influences the Peclet effect and 18O enrichment in leaf waterHolloway-Phillips, M; Cernusak, LA; Barbour, MM; Song, X; Cheesman, A; Munksgaard, N; Stuart-Williams, H; Farquhar, GD
2016Leaf water oxygen isotope measurement by direct equilibrationSong, X; Barbour, MM
26-Feb-2018A Generalized Equatorial Model for the Accelerating Solar WindTasnim, Samira; Cairns, Iver H.; Wheatland, Michael S.
Sep-2018A Check on the Validity of Magnetic Field ReconstructionsMastrano, Alpha; Wheatland, Michael S.; Gilchrist, Stuart A.
May-2017Individual differences in automatic semantic primingAndrews, Sally; Lo, Steson; Xia, Violet
Jun-2016Semantic preview benefit in English: Individual differences in the extraction and use of parafoveal semantic informationVeldre, Aaron; Andrews, Sally
Apr-2017Parafoveal preview benefit in sentence reading: Independent effects of plausibility and orthographic relatednessVeldre, Aaron; Andrews, Sally
Sep-2017Spelling ability selectively predicts the magnitude of disruption in unspaced text readingVeldre, Aaron; Drieghe, Denis; Andrews, Sally
Jun-2018Beyond cloze probability: Parafoveal processing of semantic and syntactic information during readingVeldre, Aaron; Andrews, Sally
Jul-2016Is semantic preview benefit due to relatedness or plausibility?Veldre, Aaron; Andrews, Sally
Jan-2018Parafoveal preview effects depend on both preview plausibility and target predictabilityVeldre, Aaron; Andrews, Sally
Dec-2018How does foveal processing difficulty affect parafoveal processing during reading?Veldre, Aaron; Andrews, Sally
15-Oct-2017Mechanical properties of Ropaque hollow nanoparticlesZhu, Liwen; Nguyen, Duc; Davey, Tim; Baker, Matthew; Such, Chris; Hawkett, Brian; Neto, Chiara
Sep-2017Targeted conservative formation of cointegrates between two DNA molecules containing IS26 occurs via strand exchange at either IS endHarmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
14-Dec-2018Evolution and typing of IncC plasmids contributing to antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteriaAmbrose, Stephanie J; Harmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 100
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