Established in 1988, the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) now has a diverse group of 150 researchers. We have earned an outstanding reputation for contributing to major advances in clinical care via our high-quality collaborative clinical trials research.

Clinical trials research determines how existing drugs and treatments can be used most effectively and explores promising new therapies. Trials answer questions such as:

Is it better for patients with various cancers to have chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or both?

How should patients with heart disease be best treated to reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes?

What are the benefits and risks of providing higher or lower levels of extra oxygen to very premature newborn babies?

The answers to these types of trials questions have led to important advances in patient care, which have resulted in better health outcomes for patients globally.

For example, thousands of lives are saved each year as a result of new cholesterol treatments, and patients are living longer, better-quality lives as a result of improved therapies for breast, lung, bowel and other cancers.

Towards the future

We will continue our efforts to make clinical trials an integral part of health care. We also plan to maintain and build our global collaborative ties with other research networks, universities, government, and industry, to answer important clinical questions in new therapy areas.

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