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  • Understanding Work in Schools: The foundation for teaching and learning 

    McGrath-Champ, Susan; Wilson, Rachel; Stacey, Meghan; Fitzgerald, Scott (NSW Teachers Federation, 2018)
    This report presents the findings of a state wide questionnaire survey of teachers in NSW public schools in Term 1, 2018. The project was undertaken to follow up on an earlier qualitative, interview based survey, the ...
  • Teaching & Learning: Review of Workload 

    McGrath-Champ, Susan; Wilson, Rachel; Stacey, Meghan (The University of Sydney, 2017)
    This report presents findings of a workload study of teachers and school leaders in NSW public schools in 2017. The project was undertaken at the request of the NSW Teachers Federation arising from concerns expressed at ...
  • Social Work Interventions in Cancer Care: Final Report 

    Pockett, Rosalie; Hobbs, Kim; Araullo, Raymond; Dave, Kashmira (2020-01-28)
    This report presents the findings of an intervention study investigating the reasons for referral to oncology social workers and the types of interventions undertaken by them. The study was an academic and practitioner ...
  • Change Leadership: A System Level Case Study 

    Day, Christopher; Grice, Christine (The University of Sydney, 2019-09)
  • Gaps & Spaces: English teachers and the implementation of curriculum 

    Norman, Pat (AARE Conference, 2016)
    Policy changes in Australia mean that teachers are often adapting to new expectations in the classroom. A succession of broadly neoliberal policies around standardisation and competition have been introduced in Australia, ...

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