The Centre was established in October 2002, and is supported by the Australian Research Council and the University of Sydney, under the terms of a Federation Fellowship awarded to Professor Huw Price. The Centre's core research focuses on the role of time and time-asymmetry in the conceptual foundations of modern physics, and on related issues in philosophy, but it hosts conferences, research workshops and lectures on a wide range of philosophical topics. For details of past and future events, and other information about the Centre and its activities, see the Centre's webpages at

This collection aims to archive and make accessible a range of material from the Centre's research meetings, including audio material, conference slides and texts of presentations.

Recent Submissions

  • Self-organizing collections and collective agents 

    Ismael, Jenann (2006-12-03)
    Advances in understanding self-organization over the past few decades have led to the temptation to extend it to a model of human cognition. The extension is supported by new insights in situated cognition and success in ...
  • Mental Causation and the Determination Relation 

    Menzies, Peter (2006-12-03)
    Stephen Yablo's influential article "Mental Causation" made an interesting new move in the philosophical debate about the exclusion problem about mental causation. He observed that (i) determinables are not excluded from ...
  • Remembering together: is there a social ontology of memory? 

    Sutton, John (2006-12-03)
    In analysing certain integrated collectivities as group subjects or institutional persons, Philip Pettit stresses that such collectivities engage in a social form of self-regulation by collectivizing reason in the service ...
  • Rationality, reasoning and regulation: the case of group agents 

    Pettit, Philip; Steele, Katie (2006-12-03)
    Note: The audio file features Philip Pettit's paper, entitiled "Rationality, reasoning and regulation: the case of group agents," followed by commentary from Katie Steele, then discussion. Abstract for Pettit's ...
  • Truth 

    Price, Huw (RIHSS, 2006-05-24)
    In this lecture, renowned philosopher Huw Price explores the concept of 'truth'. The Culture Wars have given way to the Truth Wars, but this is just a new name for an ancient conflict. From Plato to Nagel, Protagoras ...

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