Recent Submissions

  • Florilegium 

    Unknown author
    Published 1100-01-01
    Anthology of quotations from Cicero, Seneca, Apuleius, Macrobius and later Christian authors.Manuscript written on vellum in littera prae-gothica textualis. Sinclair 100. Ownership: Frater Lawrence; Sir Charles Nicholson.
    Open Access
  • Hebrew manuscripts and rare printed books held in the Fisher Library of the University of Sydney 

    Crown, Alan David
    Published 1984-01-01
    Bibliography of Hebrew manuscripts and rare early printed works held in Rare Books & Special Collections at the University of Sydney Library.
    Open Access
  • RB Nich.Ms. 22 

    Boccaccio, Giovanni
    Published 2013-12-05
    A copy, on paper in littera humanistica cursiva, of Boccacio's little known dictionary of the mountains, forests, rivers, etc. of the world in his time. The copy was completed in 1457. The volume was once in the collections ...
    Open Access