Recent Submissions

  • We just aim to print well: The University of Sydney Library Printer in Residence 

    Brown, Celia
    Published 2021
    At a time when space in any academic library is at a premium, when we sometimes need to argue for shelf space rather than computers and group work pods, the University of Sydney Library has decided not only to keep and ...
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  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Protocols 

    University of Sydney Library; Sentance, Nathan
    Published 2021
    The University of Sydney Library is committed to embedding culturally competent practice in what we do. In 2019, the Library undertook a cultural audit involving 24 Library staff, 19 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ...
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  • Poissy processional 

    Catholic Church
    Published 2021-01-12
    A written and illuminated book of plainchant music that contains the liturgical processions used by nuns at the Dominican convent of Saint-Louis de Poissy at the beginning of the sixteenth century, between 1500 and 1510. ...
    Open Access
  • Library-Faculty referencing and plagiarism pilot using technology mediated feedback for change 

    O’Donnell, Rosemary; Maloney, Kayla; Masters, Kate; Liu, Danny
    Published 2020-01-01
    The University of Sydney Library piloted an initiative in 2017 that used feedback and learning analytics to address referencing errors in undergraduate student assignments. We collaborated with teaching staff to deliver ...
    Open Access
  • Digitisation Framework 

    University of Sydney Library
    Published 2020-09-28
    The University’s digital collections and digitisation programs align with the University’s strategy of promoting understanding across institutional barriers, as well as embedded values. We commit to working across the ...
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