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  • Quarterly data for examining water market functionality in the sMDB 

    Zhao, Maruge; Ancev, Tiho; Vervoort, R.Willem
    Published 2023-08-30
    This dataset provides quarterly statistics generated based on transactional level water trading data for key trading zones in the sMDB. All market transaction data were sourced from NSW and VIC state water registers. Ratios ...
    Open Access
  • Estimating the euro area output gap using multivariate information and addressing the COVID-19 pandemic 

    Morley, James; Rodriguez-Palenzuela, Diego; Sun, Yiqiao; Wong, Benjamin
    Published 2023
    We estimate the euro area output gap by applying the Beveridge–Nelson decomposition based on a large Bayesian vector autoregression. Our approach incorporates multivariate information through the inclusion of a wide range ...
  • Intergenerational disadvantage: Learning about equal opportunity from social assistance receipt 

    Cobb-Clark, Deborah A; Dahmann, Sarah C; Salamanca, Nicolas; Zhu, Anna
    Published 2022
    We use variation in the intergenerational persistence across social assistance benefits over 18 years to study the drivers of intergenerational disadvantage. Young people are more likely to receive social assistance if ...
  • Cyclical signals from the labor market 

    Morley, James; Berger, Tino; Boll, Paul David; Wong, Benjamin
    Published 2022
    We consider which labor market variables are the most informative for estimating and nowcasting the US output gap using a multivariate trend-cycle decomposition. Although the unemployment rate clearly contains important ...
    Open Access
  • Labor Unions and Covid-19: Beyond the Workplace 

    Naeim, Peyman Firouzi; Rahimzadeh, Golnoush
    Published 2022
    Person-to-person transmission in the workplace is thought to play a crucial role in the spread of COVID-19. Labor unions are among the largest institutions in the United States, and their role in regulating employee-employer ...

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