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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-20141-Bit processing based model predictive control for fractionated satellite missionsBai, Xueliang
28-Feb-20171000 Norms Project: self-reported outcome measures across the lifespanBaldwin, Jennifer Naomi
20062000 year record of environmental change from Tocal Homestead Lagoon, eastern AustraliaCook, Duncan Edward
31-Aug-201732 Parameter Mass Cytometry Reveals Changes to Circulating and Bone Marrow Immune Cells in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Mice.Vera Gutierrez, Francisco Javier Antonio
20093D Composer: A Software for Micro-compositionZavada, Ivan
4-May-2009Abajo el puente: place and the politics of progress in Santo DomingoTaylor, Erin B
26-Jun-2018Aberrant MicroRNA Expression in Malignant Pleural MesotheliomaWilliams, Marissa
28-Sep-2018Abnormal Glucose Tolerance in Cystic Fibrosis and the Role of Low Glycaemic Index DietsArmaghanian, Natasha
Apr-2017The Aboriginal FlagGallois, Matthieu Marie Claude
1992Aboriginal songs from the Bundjalung and Gidabal areas of South-Eastern AustraliaGummow, Margaret Jane.
12-Mar-2018Aboriginal Stories of Victoria Park: Negotiation, consultation and engagement. Navigating design consultation on colonised and contested urban landBurgess, Anne
16-Jan-2014Absolute Music: Its relevance to the articulation of meaning in contemporary artistic practicePemberton, Mark
10-Oct-2016The Absurd beyond ModernismPaul, Mumme
14-Sep-2009Academic Business: Tensions between academic values and corporatisation of Australian higher education in graduate schools fo businessRyan, Suzanne Erina
25-Jun-2014Accelerated long-term forgetting and academic achievement in children with idiopathic generalised epilepsyGrayson-Collins, Jasmin
15-Dec-2014Accelerating development of suspension pressurized metered dose inhaler formulations: innovative techniques to evaluate particle stabilityD'Sa, Dexter
28-Feb-2017Acceleration Techniques for Sparse Recovery Based Plane-wave Decomposition of a Sound FieldSamarawickrama, Mahendra
29-Aug-2014Access to evidence-based treatment among Muslim females with obsessive-compulsive disorder washing subtype: influence of religious affiliation and scrupulosityMahintorabi, Somayeh
2006Access to High Cost Medicines in Australian HospitalsGallego, Gisselle