Recent Submissions

  • International students struggling in the private rental sector in Australia prior to and during the pandemic 

    Morris, Alan; Wilson, Shaun; Mitchell, Emma; Ramia, Gaby; Hastings, Catherine
    Published 2021
  • COVID-19: A Crisis of Borders 

    Boucher, Anna; Hooijer, Gerda; King, Desmond; Napier, Isabelle; Stears, Marc
    Published 2021
    ABSTRACT The public health crisis of COVID-19 has compounded preexisting crises of democratic stability and effective governance, spurring debate about the ability of developed democracies to respond effectively to emergencies ...
  • Dramaturgy and crisis management: A third act 

    Ball, Sarah; McConnell, Allan; Stark, Alastair
    Published 2021
    Dramaturgical perspectives have been used successfully in the past by crisis management researchers. However, previous contributions have been limited because they have been actor-centered, which has meant that they have ...
  • The Alberta Effect and Canadian Climate Policy 

    MacNeil, Robert
    Published 2021-07-01
    This paper aims to develop the concept of an ‘Alberta effect’ as a type of antonym to the ‘California effect’ in the literature on environmental policy in federal states. The paper argues that Canada’s efforts to achieve ...
    Open Access
    Working Paper
  • Life, death, and the living dead in the time of COVID-19 

    Der Derian, J.; Gara, P.
    Published 2021
    Is COVID-19 our first global zombie event? The question leads to others that fall outside the decorum of official discourse, possibly because the answers reach beyond the pale of the state. Unable to understand the nature ...

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