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  • Valuing a Test for Nitrogen Status in Rice 

    Singh, Rajinder; Williams, Robert; Mullen, John; Faour, Khaled (2005-11-02)
    Nitrogen is a crucial input for the efficient production of rice and is generally applied in two split treatments. The first treatment is given before flooding the rice paddocks at sowing time ie at the pre-flooding (PF) ...
  • Trip report – ‘Water-Wise Rice Production’ 

    Thompson, John (2005-11-02)
    The workshop was jointly organised by IRRI (B Bouman and TP Tuong) and Plant Research International of Wageningen University and Research Centre (P Bindraban and H Hengsdijk). The workshop dealt with the problems caused ...
  • Economic Analysis of Improving Cold Tolerance in Rice in Australia 

    Singh, Rajinder; Brennan, John P; Farrell, Tim; Williams, Robert; Lewin, Laurie; Mullen, John (2005-11-02)
    The occurrence of low night temperatures during reproductive development is one of the factors most limiting rice yields in southern Australia. Yield losses due to cold temperature are the result of incomplete pollen ...
  • Study Of Water Use And Environmental Aspects Of Rice Growing 

    Caldwell, Bruce (2005-11-02)
    The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has agreed to a nationwide approach to water reform. The outcomes of the reform process are already having an impact on irrigation and ricegrowing and further impacts can be ...
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Visit Report Dr Shahbaz Khan 

    Khan, Shahbaz (2005-11-02)
    This report relates to a visit by Dr Shahbaz Khan to Professor Wolfgang Kinzelbach’s research group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) from August 11-18, 2002. This visit was sponsored by the Rice CRC.

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