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  • Emotional labor in webcare and beyond: A linguistic framework and case study 

    Fuoli, Matteo; Bednarek, Monika
    Published 2022
    This article presents a novel framework for examining how emotional labor is performed linguistically. Bringing together Arlie Hochschild's pioneering sociological work and insights from the linguistic literature on emotion, ...
  • Getting others to do things: A pragmatic typology of recruitments 

    Unknown author
    Published 2020-01-01
    Getting others to do things is a central part of social interaction in any human society. Language is our main tool for this purpose. In this book, we show that sequences of interaction in which one person’s behaviour ...
  • Are onshore pathway students prepared for effective university participation? A case study of an international postgraduate cohort 

    Dyson, Bronwen Patricia
    Published 2014-01-01
    As English language (EL) proficiency becomes a key issue for Australian universities, EL entry levels and the pathways preparing international students for university are also rising in importance. Crucially, according to ...
    Open Access
  • A dictionary of Ngardi 

    Cataldi, Lee
    Published 2011-01-01
    This dictionary was compiled by Lee Cataldi 2004. This version of the dictionary was completed in 2011. Copyright is held by the Ngardi elders - Mungkirna Napaljarri as of printing. Requests for any further use of contents ...
    Open Access
    Publisher version
  • Author Profiling for English and Arabic Emails 

    Estival, Dominique; Gaustad, Tanja; Hutchinson, Ben; Pham, Son Bao; Radford, Will
    Published 2008-01-01
    This paper reports on some aspects of a research project aimed at automating the analysis of texts for the purpose of author profiling and identification. The Text Attribution Tool (TAT) was developed for the purpose of ...
    Open Access

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