Recent Submissions

  • Keynes’s economics and the question of public debt 

    Dwyer, Jack (2012-01-04)
    The Global Financial Crisis generated renewed interest in the relevance of John Maynard Keynes’s economic policy proposals, particularly those related to budget deficits, public debt and government expenditure. ‘Keynesian’ ...
  • More lottery tickets than milk and no money in the bank 

    Bakhtiar, Fayzan (2011-12-07)
    A significant proportion of US households have insufficient savings to cope with even moderate consumption shocks that can result in substantial externalities. At the same time, the most financially fragile households ...
  • The Right Carrot for an Unruly Jungle 

    Baharlou, Kusha (2011-12-07)
    This thesis examines the U.S. Department of Justice leniency program setup involving both corporate and individual leniency. Specifically, the interaction between corporate and individual leniency programs in concurrent ...
  • Impure Altruism and the Volunteering Puzzle 

    Lilley, Andrew (2011-12-07)
    There have been few attempts to model the behavioural microfoundations of charitable giving, particularly with regard to the choice between giving money and volunteering. An hour of a volunteer’s time is usually of a lower ...
  • Trend Inflation and Inflation Persistence in Australia: A New Keynesian Perspective 

    Yadav, Anirudh (2011-12-07)
    The true nature of inflation dynamics is an ongoing matter of debate and investigation in modern macroeconomics. That such attention is devoted to the dynamics of inflation is due to its importance, not only for understanding ...

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