• Microfluidic-assisted bacteriophage encapsulation into liposomes 

      Leung, Sharon SY; Morales, Sandra; Britton, Warwick; Kutter, Elizabeth; Chan, Hak-Kim
      Published 2018-07-10
      Microfluidics has recently emerged as a new method of manufacturing liposomes, which allows reproducible mixing in miliseconds on the nanoliter scale. Here we investigated the feasibility of a microfluidic flow focusing ...
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    • Production of Inhalable Bacteriophage Dry Powders 

      Leung, Sharon SY; Parumasivam, Thaigarajan; Carter, Elizabeth A; Carrigy, Nicholas B; Vehring, Reinhard; Finlay, Warren H; Morales, Sandra; Britton, Warwick J; Kutter, Elizabeth; Chan, Hak-Kim
      Published 2017-04-28
      Phage therapy is a possible alternative to conventional antibiotics to treat pulmonary infections caused by multidrug resistance (MDR) bacterial strains [1-4], due to its high specificity, low toxicity, capability of ...
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