Recent Submissions

  • Dataset: Multiplexed Illumination for Classifying Visually Similar Objects 

    Wang, Taihua; Dansereau, Donald G
    Published 2020
    This dataset accompanies the paper Multiplexed Illumination for Classifying Visually Similar Objects. Project details are here: The dataset contains 16000 10-bit images ...
  • Cultured Meat and Australia's Generation Z 

    Bogueva, Diana; Marinova, Dora
    Published 2020-01-01
    This exploratory study of Gen Z consumers (n = 227) examines perceptions and opinions about cultured meat of young adults residing in Sydney, Australia. It uses an online survey and describes the findings quantitatively ...
  • SQL for data scientists 

    Röhm, Uwe; Brent, Lexi; Dawborn, Tim; Jeffries, Bryn
    Published 2020-01-01
    The SQL query language is the 'lingua franca' of transactional databases, and is essential for scalable data analytics. Learning SQL requires practical exercises with databases, including those parts of SQL with side-effects ...
  • Predicting the Risk of Clinical Deterioration in Patients with Severe COVID-19 Infection Using Machine Learning 

    Zhou, Zhiqiang; Li, Wei; Qian, Jiajia; Lin, Bin; Nan, Yucen; Lu, Feng; Wan, Li; Zhao, Xu; Luo, Ailin; Liao, Xiaofei; Ren, Yufei; Jin, Hai; Zomaya, Albert Y.
    Published 2020-01-01
    Background: Only part of the severe patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may deteriorate to become critically ill and require aggressive treatments and intensive care. We aim to develop an early-warning system ...
  • Topology of International Supply Chain Networks: A Case Study Using Factset Revere Datasets 

    Piraveenan, Mahendra; Jing, Hongze; Matous, Petr; Todo, Yasuyuki
    Published 2020-01-01
    International supply chain networks play a prominent role in shaping the economic outlook of the world. It has been a recent trend to analyse the topology of supply chain networks in order to gain a wholistic understanding ...

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