Recent Submissions

  • Household Construction Knowledge Acquisition in Post-Disaster Shelter Training 

    Opdyke, Aaron; Javernick-Will, Amy; Koschmann, Matthew (Elsevier, 2018)
    The incorporation of safer building practices into shelter after disasters continues to plague recovery efforts. While limited resources are one potential cause, evidence from case studies suggests that poor adoption of ...
  • How Transit Scaling Shapes Cities 

    Wu, Hao; Levinson, David M.; Sarkar, Somwrita (2019-11-13)
    Transit accessibility to jobs (the ease of reaching work opportunities with public transport) affects both residential location and commute mode choice, resulting in gradations of residential land use intensity and transit ...
  • Shortest Paths, Travel Costs, and Traffic 

    Cui, Mengying; Levinson, David M. (2019-10-03)
    This study examines path flows for road networks. Path flows sum individual route choices from individual travelers, associated with specific path objective. We estimate these flows for each cost factor of auto travel: ...
  • Trains, Trams, and Terraces: Population Growth and Network Expansion in Sydney: 1861-1931 

    Lahoorpoor, Bahman; Levinson, David M. (2019-11-12)
    This paper examines the changes that occurred in the tram and train networks and density of population in Sydney between the early 1860s and 1930s when both trains and trams were developing. A set of statistical analysis ...
  • What's Access Worth? A Hedonic Pricing Approach to Valuing Cities 

    Rayaprolu, Hema S.; Levinson, David M. (2019-11-12)
    Access, or the ease of reaching destinations, influences property values. Most studies investigating the relationship between the two either confuse access for proximity, or measure accessibilities in ways that make ...

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