Recent Submissions

  • A new maximum entropy-based importance sampling for reliability analysis 

    Dai, Hongzhe; Zhang, Hao; Wang, Wei (Elsevier, 2016-11)
    Importance sampling can be highly efficient if a good importance sampling density is constructed. Although the parametric sampling densities centered on the design points are often good choices, the determination of the ...
  • System Reliabilities of Planar Gravity Steel Frames Designed by the Inelastic Method in AISC 360-10 

    Zhang, Hao; Liu, Haoyu; Ellingwood, Bruce; Rasmussen, Kim (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2018-03)
    Current methods for designing steel structures, such as load and resistance factor design (LRFD) are based on safety checks of individual members derived from elastic analysis. The next generation of steel design methods ...
  • A new unbiased metamodel method for efficient reliability analysis 

    Xue, Guofeng; Dai, Hongzhe; Zhang, Hao; Wang, Wei (Elsevier, 2017-07)
    Metamodel method is widely used in structural reliability analysis. A main limitation of this method is that it is difficult or even impossible to quantify the model uncertainty caused by the metamodel approximation. This ...
  • Experimental evaluation of the full-range behaviour of steel beam-to-column connections 

    Yan, Shen; Rasmussen, Kim; Jiang, Luli; Zhu, Chen; Zhang, Hao (2020-01-22)
    The paper summarises recent experimental research undertaken at the University of Sydney on determining the full-range behaviour of steel beam-to-column connections. Three series of tests were conducted on three different ...
  • Full-range behaviour of top-and-seat angle connections 

    Yan, Shen; Jiang, Luli; Rasmussen, Kim; Zhang, Hao (2020-01-22)
    This paper presents recent research carried out at the University of Sydney on the full-range behaviour of top-and-seat angle connections. A total of 18 tests were conducted, covering two connection configurations and three ...

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