The Robert Robinson Collection is a collection of awards, certificates, letters and papers relating to the career of Sir Robert Robinson, 1886 – 1975. It is held in Rare Books and Special Collections, University of Sydney Library.

Robert Robinson was appointed the first Professor of Pure and Applied Organic Chemistry at the University of Sydney in 1912. He returned to England in 1915, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1947 “for his work on plant products of biological importance, especially the alkaloids” while he was Waynflete Professor of Chemistry at Oxford University.

This collection contains: Robinson's Nobel Prize Certificate (1947), a decorative certificate from the Gessellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (1957), the Order of Merit signed by George VI (1949), the Certificate of the Award for the Copley Medal (1942), and other material. Most of the papers are in English; some are in French, German, Japanese, Latin and Swedish.

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  • Nobel Prize certificate awarded to Sir Robert Robinson 

    Unknown author
    Published 2009-04-06
    Nobel Prize certificate. From the Robert Robinson Collection, Rare Books and Special Collections, University of Sydney Library. The Nobel Prize medal is not included in this collection.
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