Recent Submissions

  • Commitment Mechanisms and Blood Donation 

    Craig, Ashley (2009-10)
    The Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) recently introduced a policy of compulsory appointments for blood donations. This thesis examines the effect of these appointments on donor satisfaction and donation behaviour. ...
  • The Hold-up Problem in the Presence of Free Trade Agreement Negotiations 

    Wei, Wenjie (2010)
    This paper examines how the underinvestment that results from the hold-up problem is affected when there is some probability of reaching a free trade agreement (FTA). This paper examines the canonical domestic hold-up ...
  • Asset Prices, Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Stability 

    Stone, Sophie (2009)
    A focal point of macroeconomic policy analysis over the past decade has been whether central banks should respond to changes in asset prices. This thesis addresses the question from the distinct perspective of equilibrium ...
  • Equilibrium Price Dispersion: A Model of Intermediated Search with Repeated Interaction 

    Cusbert, Thomas (2008)
    This thesis develops a model in which homogeneous producers and merchants interact repeatedly in a search market. Merchants are able to reduce the cost of search by o ering trading certainty to pro- ducers with whom ...
  • Ethnic Conflict: A Model of Concessions 

    Samuel, Thampapillai (2008)
    The Coase Theorem suggests that the ability of completely informed agents to make transfers should generally avert conflict. This thesis considers a complete information model of ethnic conflict where the dominated group ...

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