Recent Submissions

  • Scale-Critical Stories from the Casula Parklands 

    Bosch, Mark (2020-01-09)
    This thesis offers the concept of the scale-critical story as a mode of attentive critical and ethical engagement with the more-than-human world. Using Derek Woods’ notion of scale critique, and thinking with other scholarship ...
  • Culturally Responsive Music Pedagogy and Engagement in NSW Schools 

    Rakuljic, Isabel (The University of Sydney, 2019-12-06)
    The cultural makeup of Australian school classrooms has become increasingly diverse over recent decades. In responding to this, a number of music educators have employed culturally responsive pedagogy, which respects and ...
  • Finding The Gaps: Lecturers' Perceptions on the Preparedness of Preservice Music Teachers 

    Owen, Remington Carson Harrison (The University of Sydney Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 2019)
    This thesis provides views of lecturers directly involved in the training of preservice music teachers, views previously absent from research. The scope of data collected included lecturers’ perceptions of particular ...
  • Algorithmic logics of taste: Cultural taste and the Netflix recommender system 

    Gaw, Marie Fatima (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, 2019-12-17)
    Algorithms are new cultural intermediaries (Bourdieu, 1984) that shape contemporary cultural experiences and identities. Their obscurity and complexity, however, hinder us from understanding their logics and processes as ...
  • Teacher Retention in Australian Music Education 

    Bergersen, Kristen (The University of Sydney, 2019)
    This study aims to investigate whether classroom music education in Australia is experiencing challenges regarding teacher attrition, and the main factors which influence graduates to either continue classroom music teaching ...

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