Recent Submissions

  • modQ: a modular EQ engine with asymmetric filter profiles 

    Wang, Andrew Anxu
    Published 2016-06-07
    The modQ modular EQ engine pairs a novel filter topology with a highly-scalable engine framework to deliver a platform that is equally suited to precision tone-shaping as it is to processing dozens of simultaneous audio ...
    Open Access
  • Final Written Review, Digital Audio Systems DESC9115, 2016 

    Pereira, Frederico
    Published 2016-06-06
    A granular synthesis prototype is described The prototype applies the granulation algorithm to a given input audio signal, and outputs up to four channels of audio. The signals in the different output channels can be ...
    Open Access
    Recording, musical
  • Multi-Band Noise Gate Product Proposal 

    Nugroho, Alexander Christian
    Published 2016-06-06
    This final written review will focus on the Multi-Band Noise Gate that is developed as a plug-in for a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This report will describe the noise problems that many sound engineers face, the ...
    Open Access
  • Basso-Forte DSP Product Proposal 

    Arcila, Javier; Acoustics), Master in Architectural Sciences (Audio
    Published 2016-06-06
    Much of the music produced nowadays is heard through headphones or small loudspeakers. This implies a considerable lost in sound quality when using this type of devices for music reproduction, especially for the low ...
    Open Access

    Park, Yeong Min
    Published 2016-06-06
    Distortion effects implemented using digital signal processing software MATLAB, problem description about past and current issues we deliver final product specification, implementation, evaluation of final product development.
    Open Access

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