Werner Baer (1914-1992) was born in Berlin, Germany. When Hitler started to make his presence felt in 1933, Baer was forced to interrupt his university course. Being well-trained in music, he became a functionary in a Berlin synagogue and officially became a public servant for the Prussian State. Interned for four weeks in a camp near Berlin, he succeeded in leaving by ship, and was chosen as a music professor in Singapore, where he and his wife lived. In 1939, he was interned again by the British and in 1940 sent to Australia, where he was interned at Tatura, Victoria. After the war, he joined the ABC.Broadcasting Commission, and became a well-known music critic, composer, reviewer, and teacher. He was associated with the Australian Opera, and director of the Sydney Jewish Choral Society. The Werner Baer Collection consists of newspaper clippings, copies of his writings, and a recording done for 2 MBS-FM radio, a programme of music entitled "Werner Baer. Remembered," which featured Baer in performance.

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  • Werner Baer remembered 

    Baer, Werner
    Published 1992-01-01
    WERNER BAER REMEMBERED. PART 1. Werner Baer Compositions || 10. Salute to Australia; words by John Wheeler; Sydney Symphony Orchestra under Joseph Post with Stewart Harvey, baritone. || 11. Larkspur Land; words by John ...
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