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dc.identifier.otherRB Add.Ms. 367
dc.description1 choir book ([i], 272, [3] p.) : vellum ; 59 cm. Title from bookseller's description. Holograph, written on both sides of leaf. Includes index (last 3 pages). Format of parchment: Gregory's Rule. The text is written in Gothic characters with some in different hands indicating that it was added to over time. Mostly black square notation but some mensurally notated hymns. Both text and music are in black or red with initial letters in blue or red. It contains 24 large illuminated initials in a fine artistic style with vegetable, floral, and zoomorphic (bird) motifs as well as musical instruments and human figures. The state of the leaves vary both to heavy wear and occasional water damage (at the front) and the different quality of the vellum used. Pastedowns are from a different <antiphonary?>. Bound in leather with 2 brass and leather clasps, 8 heavy brass corners (4 each on front and back) and 10 brass bosses (5 each on front and back).en_AU
dc.description.abstractThe antiphonary, a song book for use in a liturgical choir in the Roman Catholic liturgy, was mainly used for singing Mass or the canonical Hours (antiphonarium officii). This antiphonary was compiled and written for the use of St. Augustine. Contains the variable (Proper) items from the Office-- antiphons, hymns, responsories. Starts with Vespers Introit Rex pacificus.en_AU
dc.subjectMusic manuscripten_AU
dc.title[Antifonario Códice "Libro de Coro"]
dc.title.alternativeAdd.Ms. 367en_AU

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