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  • Experiences of risk in Australian hotel quarantine: a qualitative study 

    Haire, Bridget; Gilbert, Gwendolyn L.; Kaldor, John M.; Hendrickx, David; Dawson, Angus; Williams, Jane H.
    Published 2022
    BackgroundIn response to the threat of COVID-19 infection, Australia mandated a 14 day quarantine period in a designated facility for all travellers returning from overseas from late March 2020. These facilities were usually ...
  • The abandonment of Australians in India: an analysis of the right of entry as a security right in the age of COVID-19 

    Silva, Diego S.
    Published 2022
    In May 2021, when the Delta variant of SARS-CoV2 was wreaking havoc in India, the Australian Federal Government banned its citizens and residents who were there from coming back to Australia for 14 days on penalty of fines ...
  • Response - Liminality and the Mirage of Settlement 

    Hooker, Claire; Kerridge, Ian
    Published 2022
    Little and colleagues’ (1998) paper describing a key aspect of cancer patients’ experience, that of “liminality,” is remarkable for giving articulation to a very common and yet mostly overlooked aspect of patient experience. ...
  • Sexuality and Gender Diverse Populations 

    Mooney-Somers, Julie; Black, Nicola; Memedovic, Sonja; Lea, Toby; Roxburgh, Amanda
    Published 2021
    This chapter reviews the risk factors and treatment options for sexuality and gender diverse populations. Sexuality is a person’s sense of themselves as a sexual person and usually reflects their sexual attraction and ...
    Open Access
    Book chapter
  • COVID-19 restrictions should only be lifted when it is safe to do so for Aboriginal communities 

    Komesaroff, Paul A.; Chee, Donna Ah; Boffa, John; Kerridge, Ian; Tilton, Edward
    Published 2021
    The NSW Government has proposed a blanket lifting of COVID-19 restrictions when the proportion of fully vaccinated people rate reaches 70% of the adult population. If implemented, this would have devastating effects on ...

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