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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Assimilation and liberal government1van Krieken, Robert
30-Jun-2003Beyond the ‘Parsonian Problem of Order’: Elias, Habit and Contemporary Sociology or Hobbes was Rightvan Krieken, Robert
2000Citizenship and Democracy in Germany: implications for understanding globalizationvan Krieken, Robert
10-May-2006Crime, government and civilization: Rethinking Elias in Criminologyvan Krieken, Robert
Dec-2000From miscegenation to assimilation: rationalities of child removal in Australian colonial administrationWatson, Virginia; van Krieken, Robert
4-May-2006Kumarangk (Hindmarsh Island) and the politics of natural justice under settler-colonialismvan Krieken, Robert
May-2004Legal Reasoning as a Field of Knowledge Production: Luhmann, Bourdieu and Law’s Autonomyvan Krieken, Robert
2005Occidental self-understanding and the Elias-Duerr dispute: ‘thick’ versus ‘thin’ conceptions of human subjectivity and civilizationvan Krieken, Robert
5-May-2006A Post-Colonial Comment on CollinsClegg, Stewart; van Krieken, Robert
May-1990Social Discipline and State Formation: Weber and Oestreich on the historical sociology of subjectivityvan Krieken, Robert
10-May-2006The sovereignty of the governedvan Krieken, Robert
13-Dec-1992State intervention, welfare and the social construction of girlhood in Australian historyvan Krieken, Robert
1998What Does it Mean to be Civilised? Norbert Elias on the Germans and Modern Barbarismvan Krieken, Robert