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    • The ferroelectric phase of CdTiO3. A powder neutron diffraction study. 

      Kennedy, Brendan J; Zhou, Qingdi; Avdeev, Maxim (Elsevier, 2011)
      The synthesis of bulk samples of polycrystalline CdTiO3 in both the rhombohedral ilmenite and orthorhombic perovskite forms is described and the structures of these have been refined using powder neutron diffraction data. ...
    • Low temperature structure and the ferroelectric phase transitions in the CdTiO3 perovskite 

      Kennedy, Brendan J; Zhou, Qingdi; Zhao, Shipeng; Jia, Fanhao; Ren, Wei; Knight, Kevin S (Amercian Physical Society, 2017)
      The paraelectric-ferroelectric transition in CdTiO3 has been monitored using high resolution neutron diffraction data. This necessitated preparing a sample enriched in 114Cd. A subtle, but significant, anisotropy in the ...
    • Multi-scale Structural Analysis of the A-site and Oxygen Deficient Perovskite Sr11Mo4O2 

      King, Graham; Avdeev, Maxim; Qasim, Ilyas; Zhou, Qingdi; Kennedy, Brendan J (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017)
      The long range average crystal structure, as well as the short and medium range structural features, of the A-site deficient and oxygen deficient perovskite Sr11Mo4O23 have been determined. Rietveld refinement of synchrotron ...