This collection represents book chapters, research papers, journal articles and conference papers and presentations by the staff of the Ocean Technology Group

Recent Submissions

  • Zero emission energy for the Great Barrier Reef 

    Xiao, Ziyu
    Published 2019-08-26
    Open Access
    Report, Technical
  • Sydney Coastal Waters Chlorophyll 2009 

    Marco, Nakarin
    Published 2010-10-18
    Samples of surface ocean water off shore of Sydney, Australia were collected and nourished with nutrients. The samples were exposed to natural sunlight and kept in a water bath. The variation of chlorophyll as detected by ...
    Open Access
  • Underwater Acoustic Imaging: Exact Geometric-Acoustics Treatment of the Image due to a Specular Reflector 

    Blair, David G
    Published 2009-09-23
    In underwater acoustic imaging, used to produce high-resolution images in turbid waters, a specular reflector in general produces a 'pseudoimage' of the receiving array, located on the reflecting surface; the pseudoimage ...
    Open Access
    Report, Technical
  • Engineering Ocean Nourishment 

    Judd, Bruce; Harrison, Daniel P; Jones, Ian S F
    Published 2008-07-01
    The annual productivity of the ocean is limited by the availability of nutrients. Ocean Nourishment is the concept of purposefully introducing nutrients to the surface ocean to sequester carbon dioxide and increase the ...
    Open Access
    Conference paper
  • Desalination plants: Potential impacts of brine discharge on marine life 

    Danoun, Rashad
    Published 2007-07-31
    Water has always been the earth's most valuable natural resource for human beings and ecosystems. Fresh water is an essential natural resource that supports human beings, flora and fauna habitat. Reductions in water ...
    Open Access
    Report, Technical

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