Proceedings of the 2004 Conference of the Australian Linguistics Society

Edited by Ilana Mushin

ISBN 1-920898-38-7

The 2004 conference of the Australian Linguistics Society was held at the University of Sydney, July 13 -15 2004. The conference was sponsored by the Australian Linguistics Society and, the University of Sydney Department of Linguistics and the School for Society, Culture and Performance. The complete program for the conference can be accessed at

We are pleased to present a selection of papers from the conference. These papers were peer-reviewed to DEST standards by ALS members from around Australia and overseas. The review process for the proceedings was separate from the review process for acceptance of abstracts for the actual conference presentations. Many thanks to all of the people who acted as referees. Their names are given below. Ilana Mushin edited and compiled the final versions.

These proceedings were published in final form on July 4, 2005

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Papers from these proceedings should be referenced as: (Author(s)-of-paper). 2005. (Title-of-paper). In Ilana Mushin (ed), Proceedings of the 2004 Conference of the Australian Linguistics Society. (WEBSITE). Note that there is no overall page numbering system for the proceedings as a whole: page numbering begins at 1 in each paper.

The editor would like to acknowledge the work of the following people who agreed to act as referees:

Debra Aarons, Brett Baker, Peter Collins, Felicity Cox, Zane Goebel, Cliff Goddard, Mark Harvey, Caroline Jones, Harold Koch, Mary Laughren, Harumi Moore, Jean Mulder, Rachel Nordlinger, Robert Pensalfini, Peter Peterson, Louise Ravelli, Johanna Rendle-Short, Verna Rieschild, Jane Simpson, Tania Strahan, Ludmilla Stern, Nick Thieberger, Jean-Christophe Verstraete, Michael Walsh, Jill Wigglesworth

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