The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC) is Australia’s premier centre of interdisciplinary academic excellence relevant to Southeast Asia.

With more than 500 academics across all faculties and schools at the University, SSEAC:

  • supports research excellence
  • encourages a new generation of Southeast Asia experts
  • brings students from different disciplines together to learn from the region and its people
  • partners with government, business and civil society to address real-world issues

For more details see the SSEAC website.

Sub-collections in this collection

Recent Submissions

  • An uphill battle: A case example of government policy and activist dissent on the death penalty for drug-related offences in Indonesia 

    Kramer, Elisabeth; Stoicescu, Claudia
    Published 2021
    In 2014, newly-elected President Joko Widodo announced that Indonesia was facing a national ‘emergency’ due to high levels of drug use that necessitated harsh criminal justice responses, including the ultimate punishment ...
    Open Access
  • COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Implications for workers and unions 

    Ford, Michele; Ward, Kristy
    Published 2021
    The labour market effects in Southeast Asia of the COVID-19 pandemic have attracted considerable analysis from both scholars and practitioners. However, much less attention has been paid to the pandemic’s impact on legal ...
  • The illegal as mundane 

    Ford, Michele; Lyons, Lenore
    Published 2019-10-28
    Ways of studying illegal behaviour are important in the context of Indonesia, a country well known for its failure to deal adequately with the corruption that permeates every level of society. They are perhaps even more ...
    Open Access
  • Asia’s Labor Migration and Employment Relations Regimes 

    Ford, Michele
    Published 2019-01-01
    What happens when local unions begin to advocate for the rights of temporary migrant workers, asks Michele Ford in her sweeping study of seven Asian countries? Until recently unions in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, ...
    Open Access
    Book chapter
  • The Go-Jek Effect 

    Ford, Michele; Honan, Vivian
    Published 2017-01-01
    Worldwide, debate is raging over the growth of app-based transport services as companies like Uber transform the way transport is provided and how consumers access it (Isaac 2014; Aloisi 2015). Often referred to as ...
    Open Access
    Book chapter

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