The Sydney Institute of Criminology publishes the Institute Series of Books, each of which is at the leading edge of criminological expertise and critical debate. Our authors are established academics in their field, or new researchers who represent the exciting future of Australian and international criminology.

Recent Submissions

  • Dataset for 'Questionable and open research practices in criminology' 

    Chin, Jason
    Published 2021
    Dataset - To provide initial evidence about how criminologists view QRPs and OSPs, and about whether they use them, we conducted a preregistered study of researchers who publish criminological science. The population of ...
    Open Access
  • Bin Laden in the suburbs: criminalising the Arab Other 

    Poynting, Scott; Noble, Greg; Tabar, Paul; Collins, Jock
    Published 2004-01-01
    This book examines public worrying over 'ethnic crime' and what it tells us about Australia today. How, for instance, can the blame for a series of brutal group sexual assaults in Sydney be so widely attributed to whole ...
    Open Access