The Menzies Centre for Health Policy is a university research centre conducting health policy research, analysis, advice and education. It was established in 2006 by a grant from the Menzies Foundation. The MCHP is uniquely placed as it operates from nodes at two of Australia’s premier universities. One node is part of the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney – MCHP (Sydney); the other node is part of the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University – MCHP (ANU). The two nodes work collaboratively on shared research grants and operate under a common Board of Directors.

The work of the MCHP focuses on improving public health outcomes through policy innovation and practical implementation. With a program of community engagement, MCHP encourages informed debate about how Australians can influence health policy to ensure that it is consistent with their values and priorities; policies that are able to deliver safe, high quality health care that is sustainable in the long term. The MCHP has a particular interest in the policy conundrums posed by the growing challenge of chronic illness. Its research has demonstrated a strong commitment to patient-centred outcomes.

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Recent Submissions

  • Scaling-up Complex Interventions : Adaptation is not a Threat to Fidelity 

    Hawe, Penny
    Published 2020-08-14
    Practitioners delivering evidence-based interventions get pulled in different directions. It is intuitive to adapt interventions to context, but usually against ‘standard’ recommendations to do so. The nexus of the ...
    Open Access
  • Prescription opioid use in Australian children and adolescents: a national population-based study 

    Bell, Jane; Pearson, Sallie-Anne; Paget, Simon P; Nielsen, Timothy; Buckley, Nicholas A; Collins, John; Nassar, Natasha
    Published 2019-12-10
    The increased use of strong opioids should be monitored as higher doses have been associated with increased opioid-related adverse events, (such as emergency department visits, hospital admissions and deaths) and opioid ...
    Open Access
  • How guidelines shape the geography of healthcare: measuring, explaining, acting 

    Ulyte, Agne
    Published 2019-08-01
    In this seminar, we will explore how the geographic variation in healthcare services utilization reflects the differences in evidence and guidelines in Switzerland. First, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges ...
    Open Access
  • Reducing sugar consumption: a taxing problem 

    Smith, Richard
    Published 2019-08-15
    The popularity of 'soda taxes' as a public health policy has grown rapidly in the last few years. While the evidence suggests that a tax is associated with reducing the purchases of sugar-sweetened beverages is emerging, ...
    Open Access
  • The use and evaluation of social media in public health campaigns 

    Kite, James; O’Hara, Blythe
    Published 2019-03-01
    Social media have become an unavoidable part of modern life. It is therefore no surprise that public health campaigns are making increasing use of social media as part of their communication strategies. However, little is ...
    Open Access

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