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13-Aug-2019Supplementary File 1 - Learners’ experience and perceived impact of a health literacy program in adult basic education: a qualitative studyMuscat, Danielle; Morony, Suzanne; Nutbeam, Don; Ayre, Julie; Shepherd, Heather; Smith, Sian; Dhillon, Haryana; Hayen, Andrew; Luxford, Karen; Meshreky, Wedyan; McCaffery, Kirsten
Jul-2018A phantom study to create synthetic CT from orthogonal twodimensional cine MRI and evaluate the effect of irregular breathing.Muller, M; Paganelli, C; Keall, P
Jul-2018Image-based retrospective 4D MRI in external beam radiotherapy: A comparative study with a digital phantom.Paganelli, C; Kipritidis, J; Lee, D; Baroni, G; Keall, P; Riboldi, M
Jul-2018An in silico performance characterization of respiratory motion guided 4DCT for high-quality low-dose lung cancer imaging.Martin, Spencer; O'Brien, Ricky; Hofmann, Christian; Keall, P.; Kipritidis, John
May-2018A CBCT study of the gravity-induced movement in rotating rabbits.Barber, J; Shieh, CC; Counter, W; Sykes, J; Bennett, P; Ahern, V; Corde, S; Heng, SM; White, P; Jackson, M; Liu, P; Keall, P; Feain, I
Jun-2018Imaging performance of a dedicated radiation transparent RF coil on a 1.0 Tesla inline MRI-linac.Liney, GP; Dong, B; Weber, E; Rai, R; Destruel, A; Garcia-Alvarez, R; Manton, DJ; Jelen, U; Zhang, K; Barton, M; Keall, P; Crozier, S
Jun-2018Feasibility study on 3D image reconstruction from 2D orthogonal cine-MRI for MRI-guided radiotherapy.Paganelli, C; Lee, D; Kipritidis, J; Whelan, B; Greer, PB; Baroni, G; Riboldi, M; Keall, P
May-2018Potential improvements of lung and prostate MLC tracking investigated by treatment simulations.Toftegaard, J; Keall, P; O'Brien, R; Ruan, D; Ernst, F; Homma, N; Ichiji, K; Poulsen, PR
30-Apr-2019Indexed reference databases for KMA and CCMetagenRossetto Marcelino, Vanessa; Buchmann, Jan; Clausen, Philip
Apr-2018The first clinical implementation of real-time image-guided adaptive radiotherapy using a standard linear accelerator.Keall, P; Nguyen, DT; O'Brien, R; Caillet, V; Hewson, E; Poulsen, PR; Bromley, R; Bell, L; Eade, T; Kneebone, A; Martin, J; Booth, JT
Mar-2018Audiovisual biofeedback improves the correlation between internal/external surrogate motion and lung tumor motion.Lee, D; Greer, PB; Paganelli, C; Ludbrook, JJ; Kim, T; Keall, P
Mar-2018A comparison of gantry-mounted x-ray-based real-time target tracking methods.Montanaro, T; Nguyen, DT; Keall, P; Booth, J; Caillet, V; Eade, T; Hadad, C; Shieh, CC
Mar-2018Passive magnetic shielding in MRI-Linac systems.Whelan, B; Kolling, S; Oborn, BM; Keall, P
Dec-2018Dynamic response to sound and vibration of the guinea pig utricular macula, measured in vivo using Laser Doppler VibrometryPastras, Christopher; Curthoys, Ian S; Brown, Daniel John
Dec-2018Response of the Inner Ear to Lipopolysaccharide Introduced Directly into Scala Media.Brown, Daniel; Sokolic, Ljiljana; Fung, Albert; Pastras, Christopher
Oct-2017In vivo recording of the vestibular microphonic in mammals.Pastras, Christopher; Curthoys, Ian; Brown, Daniel
Apr-2018Suppression of the vestibular short-latency evoked potential by electrical stimulation of the central vestibular system.Pastras, Christopher; Curthoys, Ian; Sokolic, Ljiljana; Brown, Daniel
Feb-2018The accuracy and precision of Kilovoltage Intrafraction Monitoring (KIM) six degree-of-freedom prostate motion measurements during patient treatments.Kim, JH; Nguyen, DT; Booth, JT; Huang, CY; Fuangrod, T; Poulsen, P; O'Brien, R; Caillet, V; Eade, T; Kneebone, A; Keall, P
Feb-2018Impact of audiovisual biofeedback on interfraction respiratory motion reproducibility in liver cancer stereotactic body radiotherapy.Pollock, S; Tse, R; Martin, D; McLean, L; Pham, M; Tait, D; Estoesta, R; Whittington, G; Turley, J; Kearney, C; Cho, G; Hill, R; Pickard, S; Aston, P; Makhija, K; O'Brien, R; Keall, P
Jan-2018Investigation of the XCAT phantom as a validation tool in cardiac MRI tracking algorithms.Lowther, N; Ipsen, S; Marsh, S; Blanck, O; Keall, P
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 273
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