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  • They tried to make me go to rehab... young offenders and drug use 

    Simpson, Melanie; Wilkinson, Geoff; Sanders, Jane; Haesler, Andrew; Sydney Institute of Criminology
    Published 2012-05-15
    The last young people in custody health survey showed that 89% of young offenders had tried illicit drugs, with cannabis (87%) the most common used. As well, 65% had used an illicit drug at least weekly in the year prior ...
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  • NSW Crime Statistics and Trends Seminar 24 April 2012 

    Weatherburn, Don; Carroll, Ray; Newbery, Greig; Payne, Jason
    Published 2012-04-24
    This seminar explored the trends emerging from the latest New South Wales (NSW) crime statistics and considered reasons for the significant decline in particular offences (such as break, enter and steal and motor vehicle ...
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  • Comparative CPTED Conference 

    Clancey, Garner; Armitage, Rachel; Cozens, Paul; Monchuk, Leanne; Brincat, James; Maynard, John; Lake, Tony; Ramsay, Sue; Hayes-Jonkers, Charmaine; West, Jennifer; Kidon, Olivia; Kyriakakis, Allison; Butler, Chris; Lynch, Leonard; Institute of Criminology
    Published 2012-02-07
    The Sydney Institute of Criminology (University of Sydney) hosted a one-day Comparative CPTED Conference on 24 January 2012. This conference explored recent developments in CPTED practice and theory and brought together ...
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    Conference paper
  • Spend less and reduce crime: hear how this is done in the United States 

    Aos, Steve
    Published 2011-12-07
    International guest speaker, Steve Aos, is the Director of the Washington State Institute for Public Policy. The Institute is responsible for conducting practical, non-partisan research at legislative direction on issues ...
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    Recording, oral
  • Abstracts & Biographies: Australasian Teaching Critical Criminology Conference 2007 

    Sydney Institute of Criminology
    Published 2011-05-03
    This document includes the abstracts and biographies of presenters at the 2007 Australasian Teaching Critical Criminology Conference, known in more recent years as the Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference.
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