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  • Guidelines for innovation in dental education during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic 

    Hong, G.; Chang, T.Y.; Terry, A.; Chuenjitwongsa, S.; Park, Y.S.; Tsoi, J.K.; Kusdhany, M.F.L.S.; Egusa, H.; Yamada, S.; Kwon, J.S.; Seow, L.L.; Garcia, M.C.A.G.; Wong, M.L.; Auychai, P.; Hsu, M.-L.
    Published 2021
    During the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, dental education and training requiring face-to-face interaction must prioritize infection prevention and the safety of students, staff, and patients. In ...
  • Errors of interpretation of dental radiographs among dental professionals: A survey 

    Shwethah, Hegde
    Published 2020-12-14
    Radiographic interpretations constitute an essential component of information available to dentists when they are formulating a diagnosis. However, interpretation of images is a human endeavour and is subject to the ...
    Open Access
  • Variation in Memory T Cells Following Periodontal Treatment 

    Medara, Nidhi
    Published 2020-12-09
    T cells are a major cell subset of the adaptive immune system that play a central role in periodontitis. One distinguishing feature of adaptive immunity is immunological memory. Memory refers to the ability of the immune ...
    Open Access
  • Myeloperoxidase and Inflammatory Bowel Disease 

    Chami, Belal
    Published 2020-09-23
    Examining the relationship of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in clinical IBD samples and the role of myeloperoxidase in modulating the gut microbiome.
    Open Access
  • Money Where Your Mouth Is: Dentistry and Commercialism 

    Holden, Alexander
    Published 2020-09-10
    In this presentation, the audience will be taken on a journey through my current research which explores the nature of the relationship between professional and commercial obligations in dentistry. Using qualitative methods, ...
    Open Access

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