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2012Surveys to measure the impact and uptake of health intervention researchCohen, Gillian E; Schroeder, Jacqueline; Chapman, Simon; Rychetnik, Lucie; King, Lesley; Milat, Andrew; Bauman, Adrian
2-May-2012Planned caesarean section (CS) for second birth following a first vaginal birth (VB)Chen, Jian Sheng
25-Nov-2011Environmental tobacco smoke in outdoor areas: a rapid review of the research literature.Chapman, Simon; Hyland, Andrew
2011Reviewer refusal rates for 300,866 requested reviews in 20 BMJ Group journalsChapman, Simon
23-Aug-2011A Multi Criteria Decision Analytic (MCDA) approach to combining evidence and patient preferences for cancer prevention and treatment: an application to prostate cancer screeningSalkeld, Glenn
8-Sep-2011Patients who choose not to dialyzeMorton, Rachael Lisa
2013'...a story that's got all the right elements': Australian media audiences talk about the coverage of a health-related story from the developing worldImison, Michelle
14-Mar-2013Spatio-temporal differences in the history of health and noise complaints about Australian wind farms: evidence for the psychogenic, “communicated disease” hypothesis.Chapman, Simon; St.George, Alexis; Waller, Karen; Cakic, Vince
19-Feb-2013What should be done about policy on alcohol pricing and promotions? Australian experts’ views of policy priorities: a qualitative interview studyFogarty, Andrea Susan; Chapman, Simon
Oct-2012I'm Safe, I'm Home: A process evaluationCohen, Gillian E