Culture, Economy and Governance in Aboriginal Australia
Gaynor Macdonald and Diane Austin-Broos (eds.)
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 1920898204

This timely collection of articles explores some of the most pressing issues confronting both Australia's Indigenous peoples and Australia as a nation. In the current period of economic strength, Indigenous peoples have found themselves increasingly struggling to develop economic opportunities and to ensure the viability of their social and cultural lives.

This volume brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors from a range of disciplines and experiences. Focussing primarily on remote Australia, they bring together the whole range of issues and concerns which need to be addressed.

The articles are from the Proceedings of a Workshop of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia held at the University of Sydney 30 November-1 December 2004. The collection is edited by Diane Austin-Broos and Gaynor Macdonald.

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