<p>In our 150th anniversary year, this compendium celebrates the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Sydney. Since 13th June 1856, approximately 22,000 students have passed through our Faculty and their work has impacted upon the lives of others in extraordinary ways. Our alumni have gained acclaim for a remarkable array of practices and service across the globe. Together and individually they have moved mountains in terms of their effect on medical knowledge, moved hearts in their dedication and service to the community, moved minds on health care practice and policy in Australia and beyond. They have led universities, headed government departments, initiated multinational efforts and created ideas of permanent value. They have served our nation and many more beyond the borders of this country. This compendium provides a snapshot of 150 of our alumni and the 'firsts' they have achieved.<p> <p>As a tribute to all our alumni, we present a roll of honour in which we list each and every graduate of the Faculty over our 150 year history. In recognition of their contributions, we also list all current staff and students of the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Sydney.<p> <p>Lise Mellor<br> Faculty of Medicine<br> ISBN: 1920898360<p> <p>To purchase a hard copy of this book please visit the <a href="http://fmx01.ucc.usyd.edu.au/jspcart/jsp/cart/Product.jsp?nID=159&amp;nCategoryID=SR&amp;searchTitle=&amp;searchAuthor=mellor&amp;searchCategory=null&amp;searchISBN=">Sydney University Press</a> web site.</p>

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    Mellor, Lise; Coats, Andrew (Sydney University Press, 2006)