<p>IFED is sponsored and organized by the Five-University Consortium on Uncertainty, Risk and Decision Making in Engineering. Forums are held every 12-18 months, to provide an opportunity to share exciting developments, and to stimulate new initiatives in engineering decision making and risk analysis for engineering systems<p> <p>Edited by Stuart Reid and Mark Stewart<br> Sydney University Press<br> ISBN: 9781920898830<p> <p>To purchase a hard copy of this book please visit the <a href="http://fmx01.ucc.usyd.edu.au/jspcart/jsp/cart/Product.jsp?nID=292&amp;nCategoryID=SR&amp;searchTitle=ifed07&amp;searchAuthor=&amp;searchCategory=null&amp;searchISBN=">Sydney University Press</a> web site.</p>

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    Reid, Stuart; Stewart, Mark (Sydney University Press, 2007)