<p>In Securities and Obscurities Chambers presents examples of financial practices in the UK, US, Canada and Australia and exposes the deficiencies in reported financial information.1<p> <p>Chambers intended the work to be controversial. It continued his contention that precise definitions of accounting terms needed to be agreed upon, to ensure that investors, company directors, auditors and accountants were talking about the same things.<p> <p>Raymond J Chambers<br> SUP - Sydney Accounting Classics<br> ISBN: 9781920898304<p> <p>To purchase a hard copy of this book please visit the <a href="http://fmx01.ucc.usyd.edu.au/jspcart/jsp/cart/Product.jsp?nID=169&amp;nCategoryID=SR&amp;searchTitle=securities&amp;searchAuthor=&amp;searchCategory=null&amp;searchISBN=">Sydney University Press</a> web site.</p>

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    Chambers, Raymond J; Wykes, Neil (Sydney University Press, 2006)