This book is about the beaches of the Tasmanian coast, together with those on Maria, Bruny, King, Robbins, Walker and Flinders islands, in all 1617 beaches spread along 3030 km of coast.

The book has two aims, first to provide a background to the physical nature and evolution of the Tasmanian coast and its beach systems, including the role of climate, wave, tides, wind and biota in shaping the present coast and beaches. It then describes every beach on the coast and islands including its name, location, physical characteristics, access and facilities, with specific comments on its surf zone character and physical hazards, as well as its suitability for swimming and surfing.

Based on the physical characteristics each beach is rated in terms of the level of beach hazards from the least hazardous rated 1 (safest) to the most hazardous 10 (least safe).

The book contains 367 figures including 314 photographs, which include beach maps and photographs of all beaches patrolled by surf lifesavers and many other popular beaches.

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