The Koori Centre is very pleased to announce a series of ‘Koori Centre Lectures’ that will be held this year at the Koori Centre, Old Teachers College (A22). The Koori Centre Lectures will cover a variety of Australian Indigenous issues and we hope will prove to be a valuable resource to all staff and students of the University.

Recent Submissions

  • "Unfinished Business": Accounting and the 'enslavement' of Aboriginal children 

    Greer, Susan
    Published 2008-08-29
    Several inquiries initiated by various Australian governments have documented the importance of policies and programs for the forcible removal of Aboriginal children from their families into forced indenture under ...
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    Recording, oral
  • Towards a model for training Indigenous languages educators in Australia 

    Hobson, John
    Published 2008-04-11
    This lecture explores the current situation in Indigenous languages education and teacher training for that purpose, particularly in NSW and Australia at the moment, and then examines examples from overseas similar to ...
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  • Stolen wages: the long wait for Northern Territory Indigenous workers 

    Anthony, Thalia
    Published 2007-08-29
    Justice for Indigenous cattle station workers requires recognition that unknown numbers of Indigenous people throughout the 20th century had their wages either stolen or wholly withheld. Research has disclosed both the ...
    Open Access
  • Social & Indigenous Entrepreneurship 

    Seymour, Richard
    Published 2007-05-17
    This lecture will discuss social entrepreneurship, students and remote indigenous Australia. Researching, teaching or learning about entrepreneurship is very different to researching teaching or learning about functional ...
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