Recent Submissions

  • Setting Sound in Motion-Final Proposal 

    Rasquinha, Jason (2017-09-21)
    The Leslie speaker although mechanically simple produces an output that is layered both in amplitude and in frequency. With separate drivers and mechanical elements for both high and low bands, this speaker produced two ...
  • Robotization Effect Using Phase Vocoder Processing 

    Ramirez-Guevara, Nicolas (Nicolas Ramirez-Guevara, 2017)
    The basic principle of the robotic effect relies on the phase vocoder, which splits an input signal into bands before the processing, in order to achieve this, a representation in the frequency domain is achieved by using ...
  • Digital Audio Systems: Final Review (2017) - The Ring Mod 

    Salazar, Alex Adrian (2017-06-19)
    This final written review deals with the proposal for an application that utilizes the effect of Ring Modulation (RM) prototyped in the form of a script in Matlab. It begins with an introduction on the brief history of RM ...
  • DESC9115FinalProposal 

    Feng, Danlin (2017-06-13)
    In this research, I summarize the preference of listeners toward spatial audio. According to this preference, I made a small software on Matlab based on KEMAR measurement and real-time audio system.
  • DESC9115 Final Proposal Supporting Materials 

    Nurse, Cameron (2017-06-14)

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